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Automated Feature Function Testing for Contact Centres

Automated Feature Function Testing for Contact Centres

Automated Feature Function Testing White PaperDelivered as a service by IR Testing Solutions, automated feature function testing verifies that your solution is developed, implemented and performs as intended.

Customers are people and people are fallible. Get the insight you need to know if they make invalid inputs, no input or interrupt a playing prompt.

This means you can observe the actual customer experience without risking real customer satisfaction, and be confident you’re providing the customer service experience you intended.

The benefits

  • Deliver your business case

IR’s Testing Solutions team uses your application design documentation to define and generate test cases based on the customer experience.

  • Resolve issues quicker

The testing process counts and tracks errors, logs results in a database and records every call. This helps development with quicker issue resolution and precise measurements help isolate timing issues.

  • Easy regression testing

Once the initial test cases are set up, the service is easily restarted to provide regression testing. This can be a big relief for your team as they struggle to keep up with frequent functionality changes.

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