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pdf 2018 IXIA Security Report

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2018 IXIA Security Report

IXIA has just released its 2018 security report.  In our increasingly digital and connected world, security is an ever-present challenge. Human ingenuity and creativity drive both the solutions we develop and the threats we face. For that reason, we must continue to push forward and implement solutions that are continuous and resilient, stress detection and response, and seek to shrink our attack surface and risk profile.  The analysis covers

  • The shifting focus to cloud operations from cloud migration
  • Strategies for ensuring security and compliance in the cloud
  • How clouds are forcing changes in security best practices
  • The evolving threat and risk resulting from cyber-crime
  • How encryption is benefiting businesses, and also hackers

We analyze the impact of these trends on an organization's security architecture and policies. Download the 2018 Ixia Security Report to learn more.

pdf Best Practices for Security Resilience

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pdf Cybereason 2017 Threat Hunting Survey

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Cybereason 2017 Threat Hunting Survey Report.pdf

The 2017 Threat Hunting Report is based on the results of an online survey of over 330 cybersecurity and IT professionals to gain more insight into the state of threat management in SOCs. The respondents range from security analysts and IT managers to CISOs. The respondents represent a representative cross section of organizations of varying sizes across many industries, ranging from financial services to telecommunications and healthcare.

pdf Evaluating Inline Security Fabric: Key Considerations

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Monitoring requires processing an exploding amount of data. Your security infrastructure mustbe strong enough to protect your assets and data, and efficient enough to not impact network or application response time. Your security solutions should have the features and options to get maximum value from your security budget. Ixia offers a Security Fabric with all that, plus the ability to monitor traffic everywhere in your network, context-aware intelligence to optimize tool performance, and self-healing resiliency to completely recover from any tool failure.

pdf Inspecting SSL Traffic


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Ixia1 SSL Inspection White Paper.pdf

Whitepaper from Ixia about SSL Encryption 

pdf Intel Infosim Stablenet Solution Brief


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INTEL Infosim Solution Brief StableNet.pdf

pdf Ixia Active SSL Decryption in Network Monitoring White Paper

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Ixia1 The Role of Active SSL Decryption In Network Monitoring White Paper.pdf

pdf IXIA Bypass Switch Buying Guide which ibypass belongs in your network


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Ixia-V-FB-IXIA Bypass-Buying-Guide-which-ibypass-belongs-in-your-network.pdf

A two page document to understand what IXIA iBypass Switch belongs in your network

pdf Ixia Special Edition of Network Visibility for Dummies


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Ixia1 Network Visibily For Dummies.pdf

document Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

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Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics.doc

Network professionals support an increasing number of technologies and services. With adoption of SDN and network function virtualization, troubleshooting becomes more complex. Identify the right NPMD tools to detect application issues, identify root causes and perform capacity planning.

pdf Making Time Sensitive Networks Resilient to Threats-Recent Advances

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Making_Time_Sensitive_Networks_Resilient-Recent Advances-Whitepaper.pdf

pdf Monitoring Your Network

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Spotlight on Voice over IP (VoIP): A White Paper on monitoring your network.

pdf Network Security

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Using a Network Analyzer as a Security Tool.pdf

pdf Security Resilience—The Paradigm Shift is Here

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pdf The Advent of Tightly Synchronized Clocks in Distributed Systems

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pdf Top Four Considerations When Migrating to Public Cloud

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pdf VIAVI's State of the Network 2018

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pdf Viavi's State of the Network Study

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VIAVI1 - State of the Network Study - 2017.pdf

pdf When Next-Gen AV Meets EDR

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When Next-Gen AV Meets EDR.pdf

Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • The limitations of antivirus and next generation antivirus for fighting APTs
  • Why a combination of EDR with NGAV has the best chances to overpower targeted attacks

pdf Your Guide to Troubleshooting VoIP

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Your Guide to Troubleshooting VoIP.pdf

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