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Why Monitor Your Network

Your business relies on your network infrastructure to deliver critical applications seamlessly to your end user, and customers.   Today's networks are very complex, dynamic and are constantly changing with the number and types of devices constantly increasing.

Links may fail, devices may fail due to errors in the operating system, disk get corrupted or other hardware components bringing down a network device.  Pro-actively tracking and rectifying these failures in network components allows you to increase network reliability.

40% of network problems are first detected and reported by the end user
70% of network engineers spend their time reacting to reported network problems
Only 30% of your time is spent on proactive projects that support business goals

It’s neither possible to stop adding new devices, adopting new technologies nor limiting the branch offices. You need a solution that ensures availability, tracking the overall performance of network services, and visibility into router, firewalls, switches and network data.  The solution is an automated network management system which will create a baseline of network activity and allow you to identify the root cause of the issue and fix it before you feel its impact on your business.

Up to 70% of time solving an IT problem is spent searching for cause of the issue, automated issue identification reduces this time as much as 60%

 Components of a network Management system

Network Management - Configuration ManagementConfigurations management Vulnerabilities in network devices are the main entry point for those seeking access to your network.    This component allows you to discover all the network elements, giving you advanced inventory reports and topology diagrams.  You will need to backup the configuration of each device, check the policy and the compliance for each device. 


Network Management - Performance ManagementPerformance management will develop a baseline on indicators like bandwidth, packet loss, latency uptime on routers and switches and other simple network management protocol (SNMP) enabled devices. 



Network Management - Event and Fault Management

Fault management allows you to get automatic alerts when a device interface or application has failed or has broken an performance SLA threshold.  This should give you  root cause analysis, so your network or application team can repair and reduce your mean time to repair.



Network Management -  Network Traffic AnalysisTraffic analysis – understand what application are being used on the network and by who




Application DeliveryApplication response gives you visibility from the network into the application layer



Network Monitoring Tools

Numerous tools are available to accomplish this goal which include Network Analyzers, Intrusion Detection Systems, Lawful intercept, Security Information and event management (SIEM) systems, Application performance monitoring (APM), Netflow, SNMP can all come together to give you a different look at all the components of your network

Network Tool Consolidation - How Many Tools do You Need?

After many years you have probably acquired specialized IT management to monitor specific technologies within your environment. This can lead to having many tools with technology overlap and increased resources to manage each one of these tools. Telnet Networks believes that a unified Application and Network Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting tool can reduce your cost to manage the network while providing faster incident resolution and higher network service reliability.

Many vendors will present a consolidated solution that looks good on paper, but in reality they are still implementing several disparate tools, with different databases and no unified presentation layer. By having one code set you reduce your Total Cost of Ownership, your speed of deployment increases.

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