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There is a mass migration to cloud with 90% of organizations using cloud in some fashion. Coupled with increased internet and mobile traffic, total virtual traffic has proliferated in recent years. This creates a challenge for application performance and security monitoring — how does an organization get granular access to virtual traffic? How do organizations eliminate virtual blind spots that create risk?

CloudLens™, Ixia's platform for public, private and hybrid cloud visibility addresses the challenges of granular data access in the cloud. CloudLens Private, the arm that supports private cloud technologies, is able to tap, filter, process and manipulate traffic all in a cloud environment. CloudLens offers organizations the visibility they need, while keeping aligned to "all cloud," hybrid cloud, multi-cloud or any cloud strategy.  

CloudLens Private

  • Scales programmatically with virtual machines to provide horizontal scale
  • Allows tapping of multi-tenant virtual environments
  • Supports multiple hypervisors including VMware ESXi and NSX, OpenStack KVM, Hyper-V
  • Unique to the industry, can capture, filter and process packet data - all virtually
  • Reduces bandwidth to tools by filtering packets, eliminating unwanted traffic so tools operate optimally

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CL Private East West

A limited view of network traffic makes it challenging to troubleshoot application performance in virtualized environments. Traditional monitoring solutions do not provide visibility into the traffic flowing between Virtual Machines (VMs) residing on the same server. Virtual systems are also tempting targets for breaches due to their limited security historically.

CloudLens Private bridges the gap between virtual and physical networks, extending complete monitoring and access to virtualized environments, including inter-VM traffic.








CL Private Mulitplatform

CloudLens supports leading hypervisors via a single management interface to support organizations that use a variety of private cloud technology in their buildouts. CloudLens supports intelligent monitoring for OpenStack KVM, VMWare ESXi and NSX, and Microsoft Hyper-V. Moreover, CloudLens is also vSwitch/Router Agnostic (VSS, vDS).


CL Private VirtualtapCloudLens Private enables data capture of inter-VM (virtual machine) traffic, commonly referred to as east-west traffic, with its virtually tapping (vTap) capability. The vTap capability can be used both inline and out-of-band (OOB) and can operate in two modes:
  1. Tap only - in which data is just copied, similar to a physical tap, and then forwarded
  2. Tap and filter - in which data is still copied, but also filtered with basic L2-L4 based criteria, so only relevant data is forwarded

vTap can forward traffic with a direct route, VLAN, or encapsulated traffic with GRE/ERSPAN tunneling, so data is secure through the process. Data can be delivered either directly to security and monitoring tools or a physical packet broker, comparable to what others in the industry offer. However, CloudLens Private is also able to take that data and process it further with more advanced, intelligent capabilities before forwarding, all while staying in the cloud. This unique ability is what makes CloudLens a true virtual platform!


CloudLens is uniquely able to aggregate, filter and process packets virtually. The only visibility solution that is capable of an ALL CLOUD option.

CloudLens is able to consolidate traffic from its many virtual tapping points to a single data stream. This data stream can then be filtered with Ixia's NetStack, PacketStack and AppStack capabilities. With NetStack, traffic can be aggregated, filtered with L2-L4 criteria and load-balanced, all virtually. Similar to what a physical packet broker can offer, but in the private cloud. Then, PacketStack capabilities can be layered on to deduplicate, strip headers and more. These advanced capabilities have long been available for physical visibility, but Ixia has brought them to the cloud.

CloudLens does not stop there - it can also go the next step and offer layer 7 based application filtering and NetFlow generation. Ixia's AppStack offers unparalleled capabilities including signature based application detection, geolocation and more. Ixia is the only visibility provider to offer such capabilities for physical visibility and now CloudLens Private makes it available for cloud.

 CL Private VirtualProcessing

CloudLens provides the most flexibility in design because it can virtually filter and broker packets - allowing many ways to deliver the right data to the right security and monitoring toolsCL Private Ultimate Flexibility
Route A
  • Send tapped traffic directly to virtual tools
  • Send L2-L4 filtered traffic to virtual tools
  • Send virtually processed, brokered packets to virtual tools
Route B
  • Send tapped traffic directly to physical tools
  • Send L2-L4 filtered traffic to physical tools
  • Send virtually processed, brokered packets to physical tools
Route C
  • Send tapped traffic directly to a physical NPB which aggregates, processes and sends to tool
  • Send L2-L4 filtered traffic to a physical NPB which aggregates, processes and sends to tools


Altogether, CloudLens provides a virtual visibility platform that can serve as a bridge between on-premises solutions, but is also capable of providing an ALL CLOUD, complete visibility solution.  

Start at flexible virtual tapping that has the option of basic filtering, and then route traffic any way you need to tools, a physical packet broker, or keep it in CloudLens for further processing. CloudLens enables aggregation, filtering, advanced packet processing, and application-layer intelligence using Ixia's Netstack, PacketStack and AppStack capabilities before delivering the groomed traffic to tools. 

Customize your cloud visibility with CloudLens Private.

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