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Cybereason - Endpoint Threat Detection



Cybereason real-time attack detection is a pro-active security platform to continuously monitor systems giving you the situational awareness to detect hacker actions and intentions as they attempt to prepare their data heist. Cybereason gives businesses the opportunity to cut hack attacks off long before hackers have the chance to carry off their corporate crown jewels.

cr 1Automatically detects attack campaigns
CR 2Provides detailed attack information
cr3Empowers security teams to be elite defenders


Cybereason automatically detects malicious activity and presents it in an intuitive way, provides end-to-end context of an attack campaign and deploys easily with minimal organizational impact. Organizations are able to deploy and can start detecting within 24-48 hours.


Gain an end-to-end view of malicious activities

Cybereason Sensors continuously collect detailed information from all end user machines and servers across an enterprise. The Hunting Engine then performs centralized, in-memory analysis to identify all malicious activity, such as the initial infiltration, command and control, privilege escalation and lateral movement.

The Cybereason Response Interface graphically represents the timeline of these activities and provides visibility into the root cause, affected endpoints and users, related communication and the tools used. Cybereason then makes the information available for search and investigation by security analysts.

cr 4

Cybereason Resources 

Cybereason Architecture Brochure 

Cybereason Response Interface Brochure

Cybereason Advanced Detection Datasheet

Cybereason Endpoint Sensor Datasheet

Cybereason Hunting Engine Brochure

Cybereason Detection and Response Platform Solution Brief

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