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Sapling Clocks Systems

Sapling's Wireless Clock System 

Sapling's Wireless System

With a focus on innovation, Sapling’s Wireless Clocks operate on the patented 915-928 MHz frequency-hopping technology (2.4 GHz frequency range available for international use only). This technology allows multiple secondary clocks to operate on the same frequency range without interfering with any additional wireless products you may have. 

 Sapling's Wireless Clock System

Sapling's TalkBack Wireless Clock System

The first wirelesss system with reporting capabilities with the need for any additional servers or software to purchase. Know your clock's signal strength, battery life and mechanical status right at your fingertips.

 Sapling's IP PoE Clocks System

Sapling's IP PoE Clocks System

Sapling's IP Clock System has some of the most sophisticated technology used in the industry today. Utilizing Power of Ethernet, each clock is powered and receives data all from one CAT5 cable. 

 Sapling's Time Zone Clock System

Sapling's Time Zone Clock System

A Time Zone Clock is a series of clocks that will display the time in your current location as well as other time zones around the world. Installing Sapling’s Time Zone Clock offers a variety of benefits to many different types of facilities, including hospitals, airports, hotels, corporate offices, government buildings and many more. Sapling’s Time Zone Clock offers all of the unique features our clock systems encompass along with the knowledge of the correct time in your current location and in different time zones around the world

 Sapling's 2-Wire Digital Communications

Sapling's 2-Wire Digital Communications

Sapling's 2-Wire Digital Communication system have been keeping clocks on time for over a decade. It's simple installation and up-to-the-second accuracy amkes it the most advanced wired system available in the industry.

 Sapling's Syncwire Communications

Sapling's Syncwire Communications

Sapling's Synchronous Wired (Sync-Wire) System has stood the test of time for decades. Providing consistently accurate time on every clock, sync-wire systems are great for facilities on a tight budget, but don't want to sacrifice precision.

Sapling SAI Series Quartz Clock

Sapling's Electric Independent Clock

The SAE Series analog clock provides the consumer with Sapling’s quality independent electric analog clocks, while still maintaining the time-tested technology that we’re recognized for. This series features a low profile, smooth surface metal case which is offered in a range of custom colors.

Sapling's Quartz Independent Clock

The SAI Quartz Series clocks are the ideal solution for an affordable and stylish analog clock. This series can be customized to your taste with case colors ranging from orange to purple, and everything in-between. Dials range from our standard 12 or 24 hour versions to sleek new designs that we have developed.

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Sapling's Wi-Fi Clock

The Sapling Wi-Fi Clock System combines wireless simplicity with total control. There is no need for to run wires between the clocks as they will receive the time data over Wi-Fi from an internet or in-house NTP Server. Simply power the clocks, connect to your network, set, and go!



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