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Spectracoms Skylight System


Skylight Indoor GPS Timing System
Even though synchronizing network master clocks and time servers to GPS is well-known as the standard for the most time-sensitive applications, some data centers and critical server locations are not conducive to traditional roof-top GPS antenna installation. 


spectracom presentense software

Spectracom Synchronization Software
Windows and Linux software applications improves NTP and PTP deployments

Spectracom Time Synchronization and Time Display

Spectracom Precision Timing Products

Spectracom Precision Timing

Spectracom GPS Network Time Servers

Spectracom's GPS time synchronization include solutions that can synchronize, generate, distribute and measure precision time and frequency signals including NTP servers, master clocks, PTP servers and timing boards

Spectracom STL Satellite Option

Spectracom STL Satellite Option

STL is an independent, global reference that can be used to augment or in locations where GPS can’t penetrate, act in place of GPS

Spectracom GSG Series GPS/GNSS Simulators

GSG Series GPS/GNSS Simulators

Our GPS/GNSS satellite simulators are easy to use, scenario-based instruments that combine a powerful, feature-rich platform with industry-leading value and affordability for any requirement for GPS testing.

Spectracom Time Displays

Spectracom Time Displays

Three types of display clocks available utilizing a NetClock network time server as the system's master clock to synchronize visual time as well as all other critical timing systems including computer network operations.

Spectracom Enterprise-Class SecureSync

Enterprise-Class SecureSync

SecureSync® combines Spectracom’s precision GPS master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design in a 1RU chassis to result in a powerful, scalable and flexible time server.


Spectracom NetClock Public Safety Master Clock

NetClock Public Safety Master Clock

The latest generation of the NENA-compliant NetClock Master Clock / Time Server offers a modular design for greater versatility, multi-network port card for separate, isolated networks, and optional PTP master/slave card.


Spectracom NetClock Time Server

NetClock Time Server

High performance GPS NTP Time Server for small networks which only require one 10/100 network port and TCXO internal clock.



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