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Continuous Real-Time Data Feeds to Ensure Current Application and Threat Intelligence at All Times


fortune magazine reports that security issues are  among the top three concerns of leaders around the world today. Understandably, when Ponemon Research finds that the average malicious hack takes an astonishing 256 days to discover (and pegs the average cost of a data breach at $4 million).  The aim is clearly to get in front of these bad guys and, if attacked, quickly identify the issue and contain the damage. As new security threats surface every week, staying on top of today’s threat landscape is a full-time job, requiring constant vigilance and in-depth research. It is an expensive and time-consuming proposition, but no enterprise manager, government agency, or service provider wants to be caught unprepared.


Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) subscription service takes the legwork out of network protection by providing real-time data feeds with up-to-the-moment threat intelligence.
Using advanced surveillance techniques and methodologies, Ixia’s dedicated team of application and security researchers identify, capture, and provide ongoing updates to your ATI. From their proprietary research, the ATI team aggregates newly discovered attacks and malware by recognizing known-bad IP addresses and untrusted countries; providing application insight, including protocols, security attacks, and product enhancements on 300+ applications tracked by ATI; and using intelligence to simulate realistic conditions and relevant attacks for a large database of exploits, including simulation of 100+ evasion techniques.
ATI technology is leveraged across Ixia’s visibility, test, and security portfolio. The intelligence is harnessed by Ixia’s test solutions including IxLoad®, IxChariot®, and IxNetwork®. It is also provided to customers of Breaking Point®, used by the world’s largest network equipment vendors and service providers to test their networks and technology. ATI provides data to Ixia’s Advanced Intelligence Processor module, the Application and Threat Intelligence Processor (ATIP)™, which is integrated in Ixia’s award-winning Vision series of network packet brokers (NPBs) and Ixia’s ThreatARMOR™ and takes advantage of the always-on global ATI Cloud subscription. The subscriptions themselves vary based on the tool supported, including:Ixia ATIP 0
  • Real-time cloud threat intelligence that enables Ixia’s ThreatARMOR to provide continuous protection, filtering out untrusted countries, malicious sites, and harmful IP addresses (malware distribution, phishing sites, botnet C&C sites, spam distribution, bogons, hijacked domains, and unassigned IPs)
  • Application insight enabling ATIP and Ixia’s network-visibility products to provide complete network visibility extending beyond Layer 4 into granular application behaviors, including an always-on global IP geolocation database and an evergreen feed for ATIP to provide constant updates for the top applications critical in validating lawful intercept (LI), data loss prevention (DLP), and deep packet inspection (DPI) devices
  • Real-World Traffic™ that provides current simulations of 100+ evasion techniques and information to recreate network traffic using more than 300+ applications, updated with the Breaking Point subscription
  • Continually updated ATI application library, is used by Ixia’s IxLoad, IxNetwork, and IxChariot test solutions, helps users validate the scale and performance capabilities of content-aware devices and networks

Ixia’s products, powered by ATI, improve your security performance, bring application-level visibility and context to your monitoring tools, and validate network devices with real-world threats and application conditions.


  • Provide comprehensive software updates and enhancements
  • Offer frequent application protocol releases to library of 300+ applications
  • Conduct research into emerging security vulnerabilities
  • Deliver frequent security updates to library of 35K+ security attacks, evasion techniques, and pieces of live malware
  • Aggregate of newly discovered attacks and malware from proprietary research conducted by dedicated Ixia threat intelligence staff, drawn from proprietary sources, strategic customer relationships, and carrier feeds



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