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CloudLens™ platform is the start of a complete transformation for visibility.

CloudVisionPlatform v4While the benefits of cloud deployments are many, accessing and monitoring virtual traffic is a challenge. Without granular access to virtual traffic, you may suffer from blind spots in your network that compromise application performance or security.

The CloudLens platform provides unprecedented visibility across all your cloud environments - public, private, and hybrid clouds. The platform will provide the framework to scale virtual taps and data filtering to meet the elastic demands cloud customers expect.



PublicClouds1Hyperscale deployments are characterized by continuous configuration changes based on demand. While resource pooling and elastic scale are part of the cloud value proposition, the ability to monitor virtual traffic flows at the same scale has been limited.

Ixia’s CloudLens platform provides the visibility framework for the elastic demands cloud customers expect in a multi-tenant self-serve model. With the CloudLens platform, deploying monitoring taps occurs in a matter of minutes, not hours or days.

The powerful embedded automation capabilities of the CloudLens platform will enable virtual taps and analysis tools to automatically shift to changes in demand or failures without the need for operator in-the-loop actions.

The CloudLens platform will enable visibility into both North-South and East-West traffic.
Virtualizing the analysis tools directly in the customer’s cloud provides a significant bandwidth saving option to customers who do not want to tunnel all their virtual data back to centralized physical analysis tools.

The CloudLens platform will enable you to dynamically scale your cloud network visibility as you scale your public cloud resources without creating an extra automation and infrastructure management burden.


Cloudlens Private

Private clouds use a variety of hypervisors in their buildout. The CloudLens platform supports intelligent monitoring of virtual traffic in these environments: OpenStack KVM, VMWare ESXi and NSX, and Microsoft Hyper-V. It combines the power of its virtual network taps, packet and application flow filtering, Netflow with advanced application identification and geographic location, SSL decryption, and deduplication to provide unprecedented insight into network traffic in both physical and virtualized environments.

The CloudLens platform offers multiple tapping options and its tunneling options include GRE, VLAN and ERSPAN for the maximum coverage across private cloud deployments.



Most modern enterprises do not live solely in public or private cloud environments but use a hybrid approach. You want to monitor data in your public cloud resources as much as you do in your private cloud.  The CloudLens platform lets you choose whether you want to tunnel virtual data out to a centralized set of tools or leverage virtualized tools inside each cloud. 

You choose hybrid resources to give you the maximum flexibility.  Choose your monitoring the same way.   Maximum flexibility of monitoring options across the widest range of cloud provider options gives your business a transition path from private cloud to public cloud.


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