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Infosim Awards

Infosim StableNet EMA Award Value Leader 2014 in Network Monitoring Software

Infosim StableNet EMA Award Value Leader 2014 in Network Monitoring Software

Infosim StableNet EMA Award Value Leader 2012 in Network Monitoring Software


Cloud Service Monitoring with StableNet

Managing the challenges of Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting.

Infosim StableNet - Request a Free TrialCloud services face multiple risks, which require a stringent and holistic services management. The typical cloud computing service is composed of multiple key building blocks which all need to perform and interwork as a chain of specific services, to gain and maintain customer acceptance – and thus needs to be monitored and managed in a holistic way.

If a cloud service reliability and quality is not accepted or trusted by a user, a competitive service could be just a mouse click away – and this business is lost. This does apply to individual users and even more to corporate customers, which heavily depend on services quality.

Infosim StableNet Network Monitoring Software- Cloud Service Assurance

When a problem arises, can my organization identify it quickly and fix in acceptable time?

  • Can they break the problem down from a service to a sub-service, to a region and a causing device in an automated and efficient way – or do they usually start a big search activity?
  • Do they have tools in place to quickly auto-generate trouble tickets to the right maintenance staff in charge?

Will you, as a manager, be able to quickly provide feedback to company management and customers?

  • About the source of the problem?
  • Do you know if the team is already working on?
  • When the problem will probably be fixed and the service up again?
  • And last not least be able to demonstrate that you have everything under control?

When your business is successfully growing and putting load on my IT-Infrastructure

  • Will you get advance information where bottlenecks are building up,
  • Where investments are required to prevent services degradation,
  • And get indications where to apply your right-sized investments?

How much does 1/2 hour downtime cost your organization in revenue?

To minimize such costs:

  • Have a solution in place which pinpoints the problem and impact by a fully automated Root Cause Analysis.
  • Have a solution in place which triggers the creation of a Trouble Ticket, directly indicating the causing IT hot spot.
  • Have a fully integrated real time Trouble Shooting solution in place to quickly access the causing IT-System or network device.

Integrate your existing Business Process Monitoring Scripts directly with StableNet® in the most easy and efficient way to include BPM in your overall IT-Services-Views.

Product Advantages

  • Stablenet® based Proactive Management supports identifying hotspots before bad performance affects your business.
  • Identifying the source of a problem in real time allows fast troubleshooting at the same time (as most time is spent on searching the cause of the issue). This cuts down on ‘mean time to repair’ (MTTR).
  • Minimizing downtime expands your service availability and it has a positive impact on your revenue.

(re)Gain control of your Cloud Services

  • Automate your Cloud and IT Infrastructure Management with automated discovery, automated best practices monitoring and reporting.
  • Gain the real time IT-/Cloud-services systems status and performance visibility you require to show and demonstrate as a most efficient IT operations team and IT management.
  • Gain your holistic Cloud-IT-Services status from LAN, WAN, Load balancers, Firewalls, IT-Server, up to Web-Servers, IT-Application-Servers installations and E2E Synthetic Transactions Monitors by one vendor agnostic management system.
  • Show the current services quality in near real time via dashboards to operations and customers.
  • Document the provided services quality to management and to your business customers.
  • Gain this Cloud-IT-Services visibility by an already integrated management solution, running on one consistent services data model instead of trying to integrate a zoo of multi tier and multi silo management tools over and over again.
  • Have a solution in place to indicate upcoming bottlenecks and get solid data, where to do right size investments in time in the infrastructure - before your growing business will hit back on your operations.

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