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Infosim StableNet® Reporting and Visualization

Infosim StableNet - Reporting & Visualization

Infosim® knows that no amount of network measurement, data gathering, or performance monitoring is worth anything if the team isn't able to quickly visualize results and gather comprehensive reports on findings.

Transparency is an essential point in each management system.  In order for your network management to be effective, you must be able to see what is happening in the network. Are there any problems? How can you quickly grasp the main points?

A unified solution offers the network administration team the ability to:

  • Quickly sort through network measurements and drill down to see where problems exist
  • Use a single console to observe and gain transparency on the interaction of all the traffic within the network

Network managers will appreciate:

  • Detailed reporting and analytics on network perfomance and its impact on critical business processes
  • Proactively analyzing network performance and tune the network in anticipation of configuration or bottlenecks

Infosim StableNet - Reporting & Visualization

Integrated features that focus on:

Infosim StableNet - Reporting & Visualization

Network, Service and Traffic Analysis

Our Unified network solution StableNet® allow to:

  • Gain deep insight into network traffic flow
  • Search out problemis in detail and drill down on actionable betwork measurements to compare different device/network segement characteristics
  • Complete 'one-pane-of-glass" view of all the systems contained within your network for rapid fault isolation and resolution
  • Analysis bit by bit without external reporting or collection tools via rich reporting tools within StableNet®
  • The same detailed data available through the visualization dashboard can be also exported to external systems, Excel, mobile tools, etc. if needed.

Getting exactly the data you need at the right time takes your network management to a new level of frofessionality and effectivity.

User Tech Level

  • Technical drill-down to the last bit and byte
  • Various display options without aid acquisition of external systems, such as Excel
  • There is also always a way to export, access via link, mobile app, etc.

Management Level

  • All important data from a system automatically and at will edited
  • All relevant data within one pane of glass
  • Quickly grasping the main points within the network

Root Cause & Impact Analysis

With it's comprehensive fault management features, StableNet® helps the modern network manager with:

  • Faster troubleshooting and error handling
  • Reducing Downtime
  • Preventing false alarms in the network
  • No longer "finger-pointing" network admins as they have all the information they need in one place

Key is understanding what is causing the problem and understaing how the problem affects your business.

User Tech Level

  • Pre-analyze issues intelligently, distinguish important from uniimportant
  • Use synergies with automatic discovery to recognize dependencies and profit from them

Management Level

  • Quickly assessing the impact of errors
  • Seamless integration into business processes, e.g. ticket system
  • Measurability of the efficiency of troubleshooting (ticket number, etc.)

Policies, Vulnerablilities, EoX

Key to managing device configurations is ensuring that they meet the corporate standards whic can include security settings and software version requirements

  • With StableNet®, configuration standards can be built into policies that can be applied to devices, and therefore, action can be taken if a device is in violation of these policies
  • Policies can be built using standard pattern matching techniques, advanced scriptlets for repetition checking, and full script logic
  • Via defined rules, it is possible to systematically locate devices within the estate that have known vulerabilities and mitigation against those risks
  • Reducing the time the network is exposed to potential danger
  • Identification of devices that have reached End-of-Life or End-of-Services before issues arise

StableNet® helps with ensuring of compliance with security standards, company policies, and legal requirements

User Tech Level

  • Automated possibilities for identifying and solving potential problems
  • Ability to handle complex infrastructures automatically
  • Proactive network management through finding and solving more potential problems with less effort

Management Level

  • Protection of potenial attacks that might cause damage to the infrastucture and result in large financial losses
  • Ensuring of compliance with regulatory requirements

Dashboards & Weather Maps

StableNet® provideds various capabilities to visualize your network data, such as in dashboards and Weather Maps

  • Quick overview of all the essentials via dashoards and Weather Maps
  • Integration into 3rd party systems
  • Relevant data can be displayed, e.g. on TV in the NOC
  • Highly dynamic and flexible due to ability for modification, customization, or setting specific filters, user roles, etc.
  • Own reports can be developed based on the data shown in the respective overview

Capturing all relevant data in ove view enables you to manage your network effectively - visualize your network with StableNet®.

User Tech Level

  • Technically comprehensive, fully customizable
  • All required data can be displayed at a glance, e.g. ping, CPU load, interface bandwidth, device information, the interface detail table, alarms of the device

Management Level

  • Everything at a glance
  • Customizable
  • Available on any device
  • Overvie of the current network status, e.g. via status indicators in Weather Maps which show the status of a monitor

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