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Spectracoms Skylight System


Skylight Indoor GPS Timing System
Even though synchronizing network master clocks and time servers to GPS is well-known as the standard for the most time-sensitive applications, some data centers and critical server locations are not conducive to traditional roof-top GPS antenna installation. 


spectracom presentense software

Spectracom Synchronization Software
Windows and Linux software applications improves NTP and PTP deployments

Spectracom Synchronized Display Clocks

Virtually every enterprise benefits from synchronized time displays - clocks displaying the correct time that is traceable to official time. Truly synchronized operations.

Accurate time is an integral part of a facility's communication system in many industries and applications. Synchronize visual time as well as all other critical timing systems including computer network operations. Three types of display clocks are available. All utilize a NetClock network time server as the system's master clock. IP clocks synchronize directly via network time protocol (NTP) over Ethernet. Clocks can be powered by power-over-ethernet, or 110/220VAC with an AC power to Ethernet injector. Wireless clocks are synchronized through a network-based 900 MHz transmitter (unlicensed in North American). Every clock is also a wireless repeater for an extremely reliable wireless mesh network. TimeView clocks synchronize by 2-wire RS-485 or through an existing UHF voice radio system.

All clock systems feature:

  • Legally traceable time that leverages offical time from a NetClock network time server installation
  • Accurate time displayed with 1 second accuracy
  • Easy installation and set-up
  • 2.5" and 4", digital clocks
  • Analog clocks
Spectracom NetClock IPSync IP Synchronized Clocks   Spectracom WiSync Wireless Display Clocks

NetClock IPSync IP (PoE) Synchronized Clocks

  • Power over Ethernet, IEEE802.3f (24/110/220 also available)
  • 2.5" and 4", 4- and 6-digit clocks with high visibility red digits
  • 12" and 16" analog clocks
  • Each clock synchronizes to network time server via network time protocol (NTP) or RS-485
  • Network management through web interface

NetClock WiSync Wireless Clocks

  • 2.5" and 4", 4- and 6-digit clocks with high visibility red digits
  • 12" and 16" analog clocks
  • Open frequency 900 MHz does not require an FCC license in USA (check with local authorities in other countries)
  • The network-based transmitter interfaces to your LAN
  • Each clock is a repeater to maximize the effective signal strength



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