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Spectracom provides GPS NTP (network time protocol) time server and time synchronization solutions.


pdf Spectracom SecureSync Instruction Manual Popular

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SecureSync Instruction Manual.pdf

Spectracom SecureSync Instruction Manual

Spectracom SecureSync Instruction Manual for GPS Time and Frequency Distribution

pdf Spectracom SecureSync Success Story Popular

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Spectracom SecureSync Success Story

Sucess Story at Broadcasting center using Spectracom SecureSync

pdf Spectracom Skylight Indoor GPS Timing System Popular

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Spectracom Skylight Indoor GPS Timing System

Even though synchronizing network master clocks and time servers to GPS is well-known as the standard for the most time-sensitive applications, some data centers and critical server locations are not conducive to traditional roof-top GPS antenna installation. Skylight™ provides a solution. Consisting of an indoor GPS antenna panel, a confi guration of Spectracom’s SecureSync® modular GPS time server, and an interconnect cable, Skylight opens new possibilities for accurate GPS time.

pdf Spectracom Skylight Mounting and other Dimensions Popular

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Skylight mounting and outline dimensions 1213-1000-0790r1.pdf

pdf Spectracom Time Server/ Master Clock Web UI Overview Popular

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pdf Spectracom – 9400 Release Notes Popular

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NetClock 9400 Release Notes for 5.8.1.pdf

pdf Spectracom’s NetClock® NTP Server Demonstrates Network Time Protocol on IPV6 at MOONV6 Popular

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Network _time_over_IPv6_demonstrated_57.pdf

Demonstration Notice from Spectracom.

Image Success Story: NetClock® Dawson Creek Fire Department Popular

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DawsonCreekFD_Success Story.pdf

Success Story: NetClock®  Dawson Creek Fire Department

The Dawson Creek Fire Department, located in the Peace River Region of British Columbia, Canada, provides fire fighting and rescue services to the City of Dawson Creek, Dawson Creek Airport and a 5 mile rural area around the City. The Department also serves as the fire dispatch center for the whole South Peace River area, receiving all fire calls from six fire departments in surrounding towns.

pdf SW Update Release Notes: NetClock™ 9400 Series Software Version 5.8.6: Release Notes Popular

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NetClock ReleaseNotes for SW_Ver5.8.6.pdf

pdf Synchronized Communication Center Popular

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Synchronized Communication Center_SD04-101(D).pdf

pdf Synchronizing Services With a Public Safety Answering Point Popular

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pdf Technology Brief: Network Master Clocks and Time Servers Popular

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Technical Brief- Network Mastger Clocks and Time Servers.pdf

Technology Brief: Network Master Clocks and Time Servers

The configuration of NTP clients for mission-critical timing using NTP servers with static IP addresses can be problematic for large deployments across several network and geographic boundaries.

pdf The Traceability of Time Synchronization: Why Internet Time Isn’t Good Enough Popular

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Traceability of Time Synch White Paper.pdf

pdf Using a Passive Anti-Jam Antenna to Combat GNSS Interference Popular

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Datacenter case study_v3.pdf

pdf VelaSync™ 1232 High Speed Time Server Popular

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VelaSync 1232 Datasheet.pdf

pdf Why PresenTense? - Spectracom Software White Paper Popular

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Information on the Spectracom PresenTense.

pdf WiSync Clock System Datasheet Popular

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