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Ixia Has Your Secret Weapon Against SSL Threats

It has finally happened: thanks to advances in encryption, legacy security and monitoring tools are now useless when it comes to SSL. Read this white paper from Ixia, to learn how this negatively impacts visibility into network applications, such as e-mail, e-commerce, online banking, and data storage. Or even worse, how advanced malware increasingly uses SSL sessions to hide, confident that security tools will neither inspect nor block its traffic. 

  • Consider the following challenges:
  • Visibility into ephemeral key traffic 
  • Coping with CPU-intensive encryption and decryption tasks 
  • Chaining and handling multiple security tools
  • Meeting the demands of regulatory compliance 

The very technology that made our applications secure is now a significant threat vector. The good news is, there is an effective solution for all of these problems. Learn how to eliminate SSL related threats in this white paper.

Thanks to Ixia for this article 

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Friday, 09 June 2023

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