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Ixia's new hyperscale visibility with cost effective pricing

Vision Edge 100 & Vision Edge 40

Vision Edge 40

​Expanding your hyperscale data center? Adding microscale data centers to provide a better experience for end users? Be sure to see everything, in every cluster—whether it is a part of your core infrastructure or a remote site—with the latest in Ixia's Vision Portfolio of network packet brokers (NPBs). Ixia has expanded the company's growing visibility portfolio of NPBs with Vision Edge 40 (10/40G platform) and Vision Edge 100 (100G platform). 

These new cost-effective and scalable solutions help IT teams supporting hyperscale and microscale data centers, resolve application performance bottlenecks, trouble shoot problems, and improve data center automation, as well as better utilize network analysis and security tools. Ixia's Vision portfolio of NPBs provides intelligent, sophisticated, and programmable network flow optimization, delivering comprehensive visibility and security coverage. The new Vision Edge 40 and Vision Edge 100 offer real-time visibility, insight, and security into high density hyperscale and microscale data centers, even as they expand. Each is capable of inline and out-of-band deployments, and delivers control, coverage, and performance to protect and improve crucial networking, data center, and cloud business assets. 

Vision Edge 100
​Key Points of Vision Edge 40 and Vision Edge 100:
  • Extend visibility and security coverage everywhere it is needed 
  • Quickly resolve application performance issues, troubleshoot problems, and improve data center automation 
  • Better utilize expensive network analysis and security tools to improve understanding hyperscale and microscale data center networks
Vision Edge 40 and Vision Edge 100 offer the following customer benefits:
  • Ease-of use 
  • Point-and-click web-interface offers an intuitive network-to-tools layout, enabling users to easily translate to real-life physical configurations
  • 3-stages of filtering: ingress, dynamic, and egress; naturally providing a built-in capability for AND/OR logic, and simplifying configuration of complex Boolean filtering rules 
  • ​Top of the rack aggregation supported at the required throughput eliminates blind spots
  • Multi-speed capability, can be used for initial deployments and scaled for the required throughput 
Visibility Intelligence 
  • Dynamic filter compiler auto-resolves overlapping filter rules to help eliminate errors
  • Aggregation, replication, load balancing, and source port labeling helps ensure tools get the right data at the right speed

"IT management will appreciate the flexibility and agility of Vision Edge 40 and Vision Edge 100," says Recep Ozdag, VP of Product Management at Ixia. "They can build a data-center at any size, and leverage a standalone NPB that does everything they need right out of the box, while also having the best balance of features and value, which is crucial for managing an efficient and cost effective IT operation."

Learn more about Ixia, and Vision Edge 40 and Vision Edge 100 today

Thanks to Ixia and AMPDigest.com for this article and information.

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