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Total Network Visibility with No Blind Spots

Network Visibility Architecture  - The Missing Ingredient for each of your teams

Network Security Team

Even with all the latest and cutting-edge technology we have in the network today, customer records continue to be stolen, and the worst of it some of these records will not even be detected as stolen. So this means that data is being stolen from the network and it is being discovered by a third party.

If we are purchasing the right solutions and keeping it updated, why we are still having network security and performance issues? The reason is we need to design the network to be pro-active not reactive, and to do this you need to get visibility across the entire breadth and depth of the network.

Application Monitoring Team

This is the point at which the user intersects with network-based applications and is where new revenue streams are being created. How do you know the experience is the best it can be for your customers, while making sure that the network is safe, secure and is operating at the speed that it should? You need to ensure your APM tools have visibility across each of the these spots in the network

Cloud Networks – 80% of data center traffic travels between servers.

How do you access and maintain visibility as you move more data into the cloud?

As you move data into the virtual world, and you have an issue, are you clear where all your blind spots are within the virtual network? As traffic moves to virtual servers you lose network visibility within the inter VM machines. This is a major challenge in the form of blind spots that monitoring and security tools cannot see this traffic and lay a network open to intrusion, error, and compliance issues, as well as putting SLAs at risk.

A virtual tap allows you to see this east west traffic and take that virtual traffic and pull it back to the physical tools that you already invested in. So now you can continue to use existing security and performance tools to look at what is happening in the virtual network.
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Friday, 18 June 2021

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