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Security Spends on prevention, detection and remediation

Security is a big concern for every business and yet high-profile breaches continue to hit the headlines. This shows hackers will find a way through the most robust security measures if the prize is lucrative enough.

 Preventative security in-depth isn't enough to save you, your data or your reputation.

Did you know that organizations currently spend 50 times more on attack prevention than they spend on post-event analysis and remediation according to Gartner? 

Once inside your network, smart criminals will have almost limitless opportunity to access and exploit your most sensitive company assets. 

Can you be absolutely sure your network is uncompromised right now?

Act today and watch our 90 second video to hear network experts along with a cyber security architect at a Fortune 100 company reveal key deficiencies in current security strategies, including a need for more robust post-attack solutions.  

Thank you to Viavi Solutions for the article. 

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Monday, 03 August 2020

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