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Security & Compliance Monitoring

High-stakes Monitoring

Global finance moves fast. When data and transactions don't take place as smoothly or securely as expected, the company's revenues and reputation may instantly suffer, causing valued customers to seek more reliable providers. Regulatory requirements are also growing, creating a greater need for security and compliance monitoring.

To mitigate risk and ensure performance, Ixia's network visibility solutions deliver the ongoing data needed to dynamically detect, avoid, and address issues that affect production networks, private clouds, and applications. With security and compliance monitoring requirements increasing and physical networks becoming more complex, the Ixia suite of network monitoring switches optimizes use of network monitoring access points and overcomes hardware limitations for increased visibility at reduced cost.

Leveraging industry-leading network visibility technology, Ixia's solutions enable engineers running the world's most demanding networks to:

  • Minimize latency and speed transaction times
  • Prevent fraud and secure data across multiple networks and private cloud infrastructures
  • Maintain compliance with rigorous regulatory standards associated with PCI-DSS and other governance
  • Maximize existing investments while evolving to 40Gbps and beyond
  • Demonstrate fairness to customers and compliance with requirements tied to Service Level Agreements

Ixia's suite of solutions also supports testing, assessing and optimizing of network and application performance, security, compliance, and management under diverse conditions. These breakthrough solutions deliver:

  • Increased network visibility by efficiently providing network, application, and security monitoring tools the exact data they need
  • Expanded network monitoring capacity with aggregation, filtering, and replication of data enabling simultaneous monitoring of multiple connection points from a single port
  • Maximum tool utilization extending 1Gbps monitoring tools to 10Gbps and 40Gbps networks to defer costly upgrades
  • Automated troubleshooting that reduces mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Industry-first "drag and drop" interface that speeds and simplifies configuration and management

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Ixia's- The Real Secret to Securing your Network

Thanks to Ixia for the article. 

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