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Orolia Product Notification for SecureSync and NetClock 9400

Orolia would like to take this opportunity to inform our customers of a Preventative Maintenance Action (PMA) to your SecureSync 1200 and NetClock 9400 appliances. This PMA is being executed to prevent unexpected failures caused by flash memory corruption within these appliances.

Our SecureSync 1200 and NetClock 9400 line of products have an internal compact flash (CF) card which handles the day to day logging of critical operations. As more complex operations occur and logging functions increase, CF cards can wear-out over time and require a replacement to maintain their logging capabilities.

Orolia is providing our in-warranty customers an Advance Replacement of the CF card along with our updated firmware and instructions on how to perform the CF card replacement to prevent this excessive wear and provide added longevity to the operation of your equipment. The easy-to-follow instructions can be performed at the installation location and will not adversely affect the standard warranty coverage of the appliance. 

We strongly encourage our customers to take advantage of this PMA and obtain the replacement CF card as quickly as possible. All replacement cards will be shipped with version 5.8.4 firmware. If an alternate version of firmware is needed, please contact us here directly to discuss your specific requirements.

To obtain Replacement CF card(s), you need to complete the SecureSync CF Card Replacement Form. Please include the following:

  1. Serial numbers of units requiring the new CF card
  2. Current firmware running on these units with the serial numbers provided
  3. Shipping address for the replacement cards

For additional technical details, contact us here at Telnet Networks.

Thank you to Orolia for the article. 

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Tuesday, 16 August 2022

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