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Network Performance Monitoring

Visibility Into the Business

With virtualization, "Big Data," and the sheer complexity of enterprise networks on the rise, dynamic network monitoring of performance and security provides a critical business advantage. Ixia's network visibility solutions deliver ongoing insight into production networks to help maximize your company's productivity and profitability, as well as its return on new and existing IT investments.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and techniques, Ixia's powerful, high-performance network monitoring switches equip network engineers to meet the growing challenge of testing, assessing and monitoring complex, high-performance networks with limited access points. These solutions add intelligence between network access points and sophisticated monitoring tools to streamline the flow of data, ensuring that each tool receives the exact information it needs. Data from multiple TAP and SPAN ports is aggregated and multicast to performance and security monitoring tools, providing network operators with maximum visibility into both physical and virtual networks.

Ixia network visibility solutions:

  • Optimize traffic for monitoring with advanced filtering, aggregation, and replication
  • Extend investments in 1G monitoring tools to 10G and 40G deployments
  • Automate troubleshooting to reduce MTTR
  • Introduce "drag and drop" simplicity to streamline configuration and management
  • Expand network monitoring capacity enabling simultaneous monitoring of multiple connection points from a single port

Poor application performance leads to poor business performance: lost sales, missed opportunities, inefficient operations, and disgruntled customers, weakening the corporate brand. Mitigating this risk, Ixia's network visibility solutions equip network engineers to leverage actionable insight—maximizing network and application performance while helping to optimize security, compliance, management, scalability, and ROI.


Ixia's Net Tool Optimizer Net Optics Network Taps

Net Tool Optimizers
Out-of-band traffic
aggregation, filtering,
dedup, load balancing

Net Optics Network Taps
Passive network access for
security and monitoring tools


Thanks to Ixia for the article. 

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