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Network Configuration Management is a Key Component in Business Today

NMSaaS Network Configuration ManagementNetwork configuration management is the process of organizing and maintaining information about all the components of a computer network.

When a network needs repair, alteration, development or advancements, the administrator refers to the network configuration management database to determine the best course of action.

This database contains the locations and network addresses of all hardware devices, as well as information about the programs, versions and updates installed in network computers.

There are many advantages you have while implementing configuration management such as:

  • Minimizing configuration errors.
  • Minimizing downtime.
  • Optimizing network security.
  • Improving the processes of maintenance, repair, and expansion and upgrading.

Companies such as Cisco have been developing network configuration applications for years now and they feel it is a necessity and not an option in business today.

By using it, it allows you to roll out configuration changes to numerous network devices within minutes rather than hours, or even days. Push out a config change in real time or schedule it for after hours.

It makes you take advantage of the central repository for all network devices by automatically backing up your configurations. This automated approach allows you to sleep at night knowing that you can always have the most up to date configurations of your devices.

The web interface quickly gives you a user friendly snapshot of the status of your devices providing you the knowledge of what devices are backed up, not backed up, have start/run conflicts, etc.

One of the main leaders in the tech industry Infosim has come out with statement saying that

“Through 2015, 80% of outages impacting mission-critical services will be caused by people and process issues, and more than 40% of those outages will be caused by change, configuration, release integration and hand-off issues.”

This can all be easily avoided by using one of our configuration applications. To find out more get in contact with the team.

NMSaaS Network Configuration Management

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