Security cameras and alarm systems monitor your buildings, offices, streets, but who monitors your networks?

Watch the replay of the Live Webinar "IOTA and Cybersecurity" where Profitap discussed how IOTA can be the best entry point to monitor your network performance.

IOTA gives detailed network traffic visibility to critical applications and data, allowing you to obtain real-time and historical network traffic without affecting the network performance and security.

During the webinar, they show you how, through a base-level investment, you can start monitoring your network security and how easily you can get access to historical and real-time analysis via custom dashboards.


Mike Pennacchi, John Modlin, Chris Greer, Rick van Werven


  • Intro to the current state of networks and attacks
  • Placement of IOTA
  • Live Demo
  • Zoom in on Dashboards
  • Q&A