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Infosim® provides any-to-any IoT management with StableNet®

The unprecedented complexity of IoT is bringing together a universe of "things" that were not designed to work together or share data. Data is increasing exponentially. Competitive edge often depends on getting new services to market quickly. New management systems can take years to roll out. 

Now there's StableNet® — an innovative, flexible platform from Infosim® that delivers any-to-any management. Based on high-performance Intel® architecture, StableNet brings new levels of interoperability and assurance to both legacy and modern infrastructure.

StableNet® helps ensure protocols, networks, databases, and applications can talk to each other securely. It provides holistic, end-to-end visibility to simplify management of complex systems and speed time to insight for informed decision making.

StableNet® is a certified Operational Support System with integrated configuration, fault, performance, and services management, including fully automated root cause analysis. It works seamlessly across vendors, silos, systems, and technologies and can be operated in legacy or highly dynamic flex-compute or cloud environments.

Intel® architecture adds essential business-level capabilities, enabling increased performance, manageability, connectivity, analytics, and advanced security. Infosim®'s modular licensing model allows companies to pay for what they need, and scale up or down as their business evolves.

With StableNet® powered by Intel technology, the common "zoo" of management systems becomes manageable — helping your business to thrive and compete in our connected world. 

Watch Intel's video below about Infosim's StableNet

To learn more about Infosim, and StableNet, or to sign up for your free trial, visit our website here

 Thanks to Infosim for this article and video

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Monday, 27 March 2023

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