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Flow-Based Network Intelligence You Can Depend On

NetFlow Auditor Flow Based Network Intelligence

NetFlow Auditor is a complete and flexible toolkit for flow based network analysis, which includes real-time analysis, long-term trending and base-lining.

NetFlow Auditor uses NetFlow based analysis as opposed to the traditional network analysis products which focus on the health of network gateway devices with basic information and overview trends.

Netflow analysis looks at end-to-end performance using a technological approach that is largely independent of the underlying network infrastructure thus providing greater visibility of the IP environment as a whole.

NetFlow Auditor provides an entire team in a box and is focussed on delivering four main value propositions for reporting for IP based networks:

NetFlow Auditor Network Performance

Network Performance

NetFlow Auditor Network Security

Network Secutiry

NetFlow Auditor Anomaly Detection

Network Intelligence

NetFlow Auditor Network Team in a Box

Network Accounting

Network Performance

Bandwidth management, bottleneck identification and alerting, resource and capacity planning, asset management, content management, quality of service

Network Security

Network data forensics and anomaly detection, e-security surveillance, network abuse, P2P discovery, access management, Compliance, track and trace and risk management

Network Intelligence

Network Anomaly Detection and Data metrics.

Network Accounting

Customer billing management for shared networks which translates to other costs, invoicing, bill substantiation, chargeback, 95th Percentile, total cost of ownership, forecasting, Information Technology ROI purchases substantiation.

How NetFlow Auditor Shines

Scalability - NetFlow Auditor can handle copious amounts of flows per second and therefore key data won’t be missed when pipes burst or when flows increases. Auditor can analyze large network cores, distribution and edge points. This includes point solutions or multi-collector hierarchies.

Granularity- NetFlow Auditor provides complete drill down tools to fully explore the data and to perform Comparative Base-lining in real time and over long term. This gives users the ability to see Network data in all perspectives.

Flexibility - NetFlow Auditor allows easy customization of every aspect of the system from tuning of data capture to producing templates and automated Reporting and Alerting thus decreasing the workload for engineers, management and customers.

Anomaly Detection – NetFlow Auditor’s ability to learn a baseline on any kind of data is unsurpassed. The longer it runs the smarter it becomes.

Root Cause Analysis – NetFlow Auditor’s drill filter and discovery tool allows real-time forensic and trending views, with threshold alerting and scheduled reporting.

QoS Analysis - NetFlow Auditor can help analyze VoIP impact, and Multicast and Separate traffic by Class of Service and by Location.

Key Issued Solved using Flow-Based Network Management

Absolute Visibility - As businesses use their data networks to deliver more applications and services, the monitoring and managing the network for problems performance can become a challenge. NetFlow Auditor real time monitoring and improve reaction times to solve network issues such as identifying and shutting down malicious traffic when it appears on the network.

Compliance and Risk - System relocations, Business and System Mergers.

Convergence - Organizations that are moving disparate networks to a converged platform in an effort to streamline costs and increase productivity can use NetFlow Auditor to understand its impact on security and to address security blind spots in the converged network

Proactive Network Management - NetFlow Auditor can be used as a tool by Risk Management to reduce risk and improve incident management by comparing normal network behaviours and performance at different times of the day to compare the current problems with a baseline.

Customers include Internet Service Providers, Banks, Education, Healthcare and Utilities such as:

  • Bell Aliant
  • KDDI
  • BroadRiver
  • First Digital
  • NSW Department of Education and Training
  • IBM
  • StreamtheWorld
  • Desjardins Bank
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Miami Dade County
  • Miami Herald
  • Sheridan College
  • Mitsui Sumitomo
  • Caprock Energy
  • Zesco Electricity
  • Self Regional Healthcare

Thanks to NetFlow Auditor for the article. 

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