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Spectracoms Skylight System


Skylight Indoor GPS Timing System
Even though synchronizing network master clocks and time servers to GPS is well-known as the standard for the most time-sensitive applications, some data centers and critical server locations are not conducive to traditional roof-top GPS antenna installation. 


spectracom presentense software

Spectracom Synchronization Software
Windows and Linux software applications improves NTP and PTP deployments

Spectracom TimeView Synchronized Clocks


Spectracom TimeView Synchronized Clocks RS-485 Wired Sync Clocks and Government band UHF Wireless Sync Clocks

TimeView time displays are synchronized to a time source, such as a NetClock® time server/master clock, to display time traceable to national and international standards. Wired versions are synchronized by an ASCII time code via RS-485 over twisted pair. Clocks can be up to 4,000 feet from the time source and multiple clocks can be daisy-chained for easy-installation.

Alternatively, for existing installations, TimeView displays can be synchronized wirelessly for synchronized display time without the need for wiring. A system including a TimeBurst™ wireless time radio link unit generates a time synchronization transmission over an existing UHF radio system. The displays are tunable to receive your system's frequency anywhere voice radios can be heard. For new wireless clock installations, see our turn-key wireless clock system including an FCC-compliant transmitter that uses 900 MHz open frequency.

Wireless displays can be customized to provide event and alert indicators using LEDs, an audible alarm, or both. Wired and wireless TimeView displays are available in digital and analog versions. Digital displays are available in two sizes. Green LEDs are standard and red LEDs are optional.


  • Perfect for Time and Attendance Systems, General Displays, and Alarms
  • Each clock can synchronize up to 32 other devices (clocks, TimeTaps, Ethernet Time Servers)
  • Accurate to 250 Milliseconds Relative to UTC
  • Self-Adjusting After Power Interruption
  • Optional Event Alert Features
  • Wireless Versions Include Built-in Tuneable Radio Receiver
  • Digital Clocks
    • Highly Visible LED Digits: 2.5 inch and 4 inch versions
    • Switch-Selectable 12/24-Hour Format
    • Five-Year Warranty
  • Analog Clocks
    • Step Second Hand
    • One-Year Warranty


A TimeView display clock system provides system-wide, synchronized time utilizing a wired or wireless solution. Spectracom wired display clocks are synchronized to a NetClock or Ethernet Time Server for Legally Traceable Time through an RS-485 serial communications interface using 2-wire twisted pair. Each clock can be synchronized from up to 4,000 feet. Up to 32 clocks and other devices can be daisy-chained off of one communications signal.

A typical wireless clock installation includes the Spectracom NetClock, an existing TimeBurst module, and TimeView wireless clocks. Unlike other systems that require multiple transmitters and antennas in close proximity to the displays, the wireless TimeView system uses an existing UHF FM government-band radio system, or a pager system with audio input (depending on your requirements) to transmit accurate, synchronized time from the central communications system to any site in the operation (anywhere the voice radio can be heard). The TimeBurst receives time from the NetClock through an RS-485 port and connects to the radio transmitter. A user-defined schedule automatically keys the transmitter and sends a coded time-of-day digital burst.

2.5" TimeView model TV210 display clocks are visible up to 75 feet away. 4.0" versions (TV400) are visible up to 150 feet away. The analog clock, Model TV312 is ideal for applications where a traditional, 12-hour, round clock is desired. The Spectracom analog clock combines the accuracy of a digital clock with the traditional look of an analog clock.


TimeView clocks are available in digital (2 sizes) and analog, and in wired (RS-485) and wireless versions (government-band UHF radio):

  • The TV-210W is an RS-485 digital clock with 2.5" hours and minutes (half-height seconds)
  • The TV-400W is an RS-485 digital clock with 4.0" hours and minutes (half-height seconds)
  • The TV-210G is a UHF receiver wireless digital clock with 2.5" hours and minutes (half-height seconds)
  • The TV-400G is a UHF receiver wireless digital clock with 4.0" hours and minutes (half-height seconds)
  • The TV-312W is an RS-485 analog clock with a 12" face and step second hand
  • The TV-312G is a UHF receiver wireless analog clock with a 12" face and step second hand

All digital clocks can be provided with green and red segments.

All clocks can be fitted with a custom event alert/indicator system.


pdf TV210 Timeview Digital Clock Datasheet

pdf TV312 Timeview Digital Clock Datasheet

pdf TV400 Timeview Digital Clock Datasheet

pdf TV210 - TV400 Instruction Manual