Net Optics Network Visibility Solutions

Net Optics Enhancing Network Visibility

Do your security and monitoring devices have complete view of your network traffic?!

Security devices such as firewalls, intrusion detections systems or forensic analyzers must have a complete 360O view of all the traffic to secure today’s network.  Networks today have more and varied devices connecting to many different data sources and without an access layer you potentially have blind spots and will be prone to security breaches.

Network traffic and conditions can change quickly and can overwhelm security or application performance monitoring tools.   Network design must include a visibility plan to ensure each tool receives 100% of the network traffic that it needs to eliminate the risk that sudden changes in network traffic may have on the network elements.

Net Optics from IXIA solution extends monitoring visibility by allowing to you to see all the user traffic, without disturbing the network.   

No Blind Spots = Total Visibility into the Network! 

Network Taps

IXIA Net Optics Network TAPTAPS provide 100% visibility to link traffic for your security and network monitoring solutions.  TAPS pass all traffic including layer 1 and 2 errors, without introducing a bottleneck or a point of failure.    

Aggregation Taps

ixia Net Optics aggregation tapAggregation Taps provide access to full-duplex links using a single NIC on the security of analyzer tool.  We combine each side of a network link and copy the aggregated data to one of more monitoring ports 

Regeneration Taps

 IXIA Regeneration TapsNet Optics Regeneration Taps enable the ability for multiple security or monitoring tools to monitor the same network traffic simultaneously.  while adding the flexibility of modular SFP based monitor ports.

Virtual Tap

100% visibility of traffic passing between Virtual Machines (VMs) in virtualize computing.  Phantom Virtualized Tap bridges the physical and virtual, so that you can monitor the virtualized network with your existing set of tools.   We can capture and then send inter-VM traffic of interest to the tools that are already monitoring your physical network



Net Optics In The News

Ixia’s iBypass 3: Most Efficient Copper Bypass Switch Available

Ixia is proud to announce the new Ixia Net Optics iBypass 3 Switch. This switch sets a new standard for flexibility, efficiency, and usability in copper bypass switching by supporting up to eight bypass switches in 1U – 4 times the density of our last gigbabit copper bypass switch. In addition to space efficiency, the iBypass 3 achieves class-leading power savings of 48% over the last generation of bypass switch!

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Phantom Virtual Tap - Bridging the gap from cloud to tools

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Network Monitoring and Performance lets customers analyze real-time traffic and pinpoint network performance degradation.

Net Optics manufacturers Intelligent network access and monitoring solutions including network taps, link aggregators, port aggregators, bypass switches, regeneration taps, load balancers, and the Director family of network control switches for filtering high-density network traffic.

Net Optics Products

Today, Net Optics solution families include:

Phantom Virtual Tap™—purpose-built for total visibility and control of network traffic in VMware ESX and ESXi environments; integrated with Indigo Pro™ management platform and Director™ family for maximum versatility. 
Director xStream Pro™—robust flagship of the Director family, built for 10G network deployments and offering Dynamic Load Balancing, DPI, time-stamping and more. 
xBalancer™—revolutionary inline monitoring and load-balancing solution, engineered for 10G challenges.