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NetIQ Unified Communications and VoIP Management Solutions

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Deploy with confidence. Maintain voice quality. Proactively improve.

NetIQ Unified Communications and VoIP Management Solutions is a collection of NetIQ products that work together to help ensure high-quality VoIP service. Together, NetIQ AppManager®, NetIQ Vivinet® Assessor, and NetIQ Vivinet Diagnostics provide a complete lifecycle management solution for enterprises and MSPs across Cisco, Avaya and Microsoft environments.

Smart VoIP quality features

Net IQ - VoIP Assessment Tools Net IQ VoIP Management Solutions NetIQ - VoIP Analysis

Assess network readiness prior to VoIP deployments

Objectively predict quality of service and anticipate network bottlenecks prior to deploying Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), using NetIQ Vivinet Assessor.

Continuously monitor call quality

Collect data and identify problems within your unified communications applications and infrastructure to proactively maintain call quality, using NetIQ AppManager VoIP modules. 

Automatically diagnose call quality problems

Reduce the time and skills needed to resolve voice quality issues by pinpointing problems automatically with NetIQ Vivinet Diagnostics.

NetIQ - Assessing Voice QualityAssessing voice quality


Build a network inventory and perform a configuration assessment

Save time by automatically surveying routers, switches and WAN links. Report on information about device configuration compared to a set of rules you supply or based on vendor recommendations. 

Highlight limitations of current network devices

Using background traffic that simulates the impact of other application traffic on VoIP call quality, gain insight into potential needs for additional or upgraded devices before VoIP deployment by monitoring utilization statistics of current network devices and links. 

Provide polished and customizable assessment reports, analyzing results at the end of the assessment

The report is easily customized and provides a straightforward executive summary that assesses the network's readiness for VoIP, along with detailed results by location for further analysis. 

NetIQ - Managing Voice QualityManaging Voice Quality


Gain a single, integrated view of your unified communications environment

You can see your IP phones, call servers, voice mail and contact center applications, as well as the underlying IT infrastructure, all from a single integrated console. 

Collect data on call activity, quality, and failure metrics

Monitor server health by tracking key metrics and understand your end users' quality of experience in real time. 

Get automated event response

Set up event-driven actions-such as sending an email or a pager alert, generating an SNMP trap to a network manager or running a diagnostic or corrective fix program-to execute automatically when a specific event occurs. 

Track phone de-registration and disconnection status

Provides an inventory of phones configured for your Cisco Unified Communications deployment.

NetIQ - Improving Voice QualityImproving Voice Quality


Get comprehensive metrics collection, storage and reporting

Resource usage is available down to the end-user level, while providing prepackaged performance, voice traffic, and SLA reports. Performance data is stored for years to enable trend analysis and capacity planning.


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