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Contact Centre Feature Function Testing

IQ Services Contact Centre Feature Function Testing

Contact Centre Feature Function Testing

Contact centre feature function testing offers insight into how well your systems perform to their specifications. All the latest features won’t do you any good if they aren’t working the way you expect them to.

IQ Services approaches feature function testing from the customer perspective, keeping your company’s goals in mind. The result is powerful data that can be used to close any identified gaps in the customer service experience.

Our contact centre feature function testing:

  • Configures the test process to act like real customers.
  • Obtains objective data for your team’s analysis.
  • Offers peace of mind so that you know your customer’s first experience is a great one.

Functional Testing to Ensure Systems Perform as Specified

Many functional testing services use internal server-driven programs to assess system performance. At IQ Services, we know from experience that’s not enough.

Our automated tests approach your contact centre systems from a top of the stack perspective, not from inside your servers, so that our tests mimic actual customer interactions. This powerful tool assesses whether or not your customers experience optimal customer service according to your specifications.

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