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CallerBeat - Customer Experience Interviews

CallerBeat™ Real-Time Customer Experience Interviews

  • Is customer service experience a strategic component of your business?
  • Is customer feedback really used to improve your business processes?
  • Do you have a contact centre and IVR?
  • Are the scaled scores you receive from online marketing surveys no longer enough to help you really improve customer satisfaction?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, CallerBeat™: Real-Time Customer Service Experience Interviews may be the right solution for you. CallerBeat™ helps drive business efficiencies, improve coaching and training, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty – all for less than the cost of traditional market research.

CallerBeat™ is a unique, premium service for companies looking for more than just a customer satisfaction metric. Through immediate live interviews, CallerBeat™ delivers the kind of robust customer insight needed to drive strategic customer service and issue resolution initiatives. This premium method delivers complete, timely and thorough results. Your customers are more likely to take and complete these live interviews than they are to complete online surveys.

By integrating with your backend to whatever degree makes sense, your customer feedback is put into context so you can really drive improvements – something that a 2.3 score just can't deliver.

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