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                  Candela Network Traffic Generator and WAN Emulation 

Candela LANforge Fire Candela LANforge ICE

LANforge-FIRE generates stateful network traffic at various speeds with the ability to monitor packets for throughput and correctness. LANforge-FIRE sits on the edge of your network and tests your network core. More Info

LANforge-ICE emulates networks by connecting virtual routers and other virtual network elements with links that alter bandwidth, latency, packet loss and corruption. LANforge ICE tests the behaviour of devices that sit on either side of an impaired network. More Info

All LANforge systems include a platform independent Graphical Management Client with virtual network configuration reporting, test management and automation capabilities.

New LANforge FIRE & ICE: 5.3.6 is released:

The release includes improved WiFi performance and stability, updated kernel and drivers, improved WiFi-capacity and other plugins, and much more.

See the release notes.