LANGuardian Intregation Options

NetFort LANGuardian Integration Options




Third party access to LANGuardian user centric wire data for deeper security and operational insight.

The LANGuardian REST API provides easy access to the rich network metadata in the LANGuardian database. Using the API LANGuardian integrates seamlessly with many third party systems to provide an additional complementary data source – network and user activity data – to be integrated into dashboards, graphs, and timelines.

NetFort LANGuardian Solarwinds Integration NetFort LANGuardian McAfee Integration NetFort LANGuardian Splunk Integration

LANGuardian brings additional troubleshooting capability to your SolarWinds environment by providing deeper insight into all aspects of user activity including:

  • Bandwidth
  • Internet
  • File shares

“We need greater insight over what is taking on our network, systems, services, and external web farm seen through a single SolarWinds dashboard or portal” US SME customer, online marketing and advertising.

LANGuardian integrates seamlessly into a McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) environment to provide IT departments with an additional data stream – network user activity data

LANGuardian stores traffic data in a secure built-in database that is the basis for the advanced analytics through Splunk.

By adding LANGuardian metadata, now network and security managers have total unified visibility and a single point of access to information about every aspect, including internal activity of the IT environment. It enables administrators to also see granular network activity data in context – for example, they can drill down to traffic activity to and from internal file shares including user names and files accessed when investigating suspicious activity.

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