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NetFort LANGuardian Advanced Solutions



Application Recognition 

Content-Based Application Recognition (CBAR) is a new LANGuardian feature that takes traffic-based application recognition to a new level. With support for hundreds of the most common applications and protocols, and a unique deep packet inspection algorithm, CBAR delivers greater accuracy and fewer false positives than other approaches to application recognition.

Email Monitoring

LANGuardian Email Monitor decodes, extracts, and stores the headers of incoming and outgoing mail messages on your network.

Bandwidth Monitoring

The requirement to manage bandwidth effectively is becoming increasingly important as more and more applications move to the cloud. The Bandwidth Quota Monitor module extends the bandwidth monitoring capabilities of the LANGuardian core system by providing user quota and management features that enable you to assert more control over how your bandwidth is being used.

SQL Server Monitoring

LANGuardian alerts you to anomalous activity that poses a risk to sensitive business data on your SQL Server database infrastructure, helping you to detect fraudulent activity and more easily meet your compliance obligations. You can do all of this with no impact on performance and without needing to redesign your databases or applications.

VMWare Monitoring

LANGuardian monitors virtual and physical networks as if they were one.

Copyright Infrigement

The presence of unlicensed copyright material on the network is a significant problem for many organizations. In addition to the risk of financial penalties if found to be in breach of copyright laws, valuable bandwidth and storage resources are consumed with the storage and distribution of music and video files.

Database Auditing

LANGuardian monitors and records every access to your SQL Server databases, helping you to protect sensitive business data, secure your database infrastructure, detect fraudulent activity, and more easily meet your audit and compliance obligations.


The requirement to comply with standards is a fact of life for organizations and businesses of every size. From internal policies to local laws and global industry standards, there are demands not only to comply, but also to demonstrate compliance, with an increasingly demanding regulatory environment.


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