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Multi-channel Contact Centre Experience Management

Multi Channel Contact Centre Experience Management

Multi-channel Contact Centre Experience Management White PaperMulti-channel contact centers give you the opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction, but with that opportunity comes increased risk of failure. When multiple touch points interact, you need to be sure that each performs to your specification, and that the end result delivers the experience you intended for your customers.

Prognosis StressTest™ Experience Testing

Prognosis StressTest™ contact center experience management tests all customer touch points to ensure that customers have a positive experience, no matter which channel they use to access your contact center.

This outside-in perspective is invaluable in ensuring contact center interactions work exactly as you intended. Just like a real customer, Prognosis generates multi-channel traffic and combined with comprehensive analysis, notification and reporting you can be confident in the experience your multi-channel contact center is delivering.

And if it’s not, Prognosis tells you exactly where the problems lie so you can fix them fast.

Multi-channel Contact Centre Experience Management

Prognosis HeartBeat™ Experience Testing

Today’s sophisticated multi-channel contact center systems need equally sophisticated testing. Voice self-service might be working but your website is down. And based on customer demand you need to be able to shift agents from responding to emails to taking inbound calls.

Prognosis experience management helps you observe, tweak and verify contact center performance so that you can be confident all channels work as expected under all traffic levels.

You can ensure that priority customer handling is properly configured and that First-in, First-out (FIFO) is observed across all channels. In this way customers are connected to the agent who’s not already on a call or has been in the idle state longest or using skills-based routing matches callers’ needs against a list of skills associated with each agent.

Multi-channel Contact Centre Experience Management

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