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Infosim Awards

Infosim StableNet EMA Award Value Leader 2014 in Network Monitoring Software

Infosim StableNet EMA Award Value Leader 2014 in Network Monitoring Software

Infosim StableNet EMA Award Value Leader 2012 in Network Monitoring Software


Automated Network Discovery

Infosim StableNet - Request a Free TrialThe StableNet® discovery-engine has a unique mechanism that when discovering a network intelligently prioritizes each device it discovers and assigns a weight-value to that device that automatically maps its hierarchical relationship and overall importance within the network topology.

How Discovery Works

Discovery of a network includes:

  • Supported Discovery Mechanism – SNMP (V1, 2 & 3), ICMP (PING), Generated Seed-File Discovery, external CMDB Discovery. Fully supports TACACS/Radius, LDAP etc. for role-based device login discovery.
  • Discovery of network vendor device property/asset information includes: chassis model types, card-slot model types, daughter-card types, power supply types, serial numbers, environmental conditions, etc.
  • Enrichment of the Discovery information via external sources
  • (service contract number, service and customer name, etc.).
  • Layer 3 & Layer 2 VPNs associated VRFs.
  • Physical & Logical inter-connects, Serial Links (Circuits), VLANs, Circuit & VLAN IDs.
  • Server (including Virtual Environments) & Application services (Windows, Linux, AS400, etc.).
  • Device Configuration (NCCM Module Required) Discovery & Backup.

Infosim StableNet Automated Network Discovery

Features of the Discovery Process

  • User-defined credentials-based auto-discovery.
  • User-defined explicit-discovery.
  • User-defined service-tree on-boarding structure.
  • Automated configuration management backup.
  • Device topological weighting for RCA (Root-Cause-Analysis).
  • Asset vendor type & associated peripheral discovery.
  • Network topological and service schematics.
  • Network and Service dependency mapping.

Advantages of the Discovery Process

  • Discoveries can be limited to a single network, or subnet, to a range of networks/subnets.
  • Customize network devices into specific network or service layer grouping to fit your business requirements model.
  • Complete audit trails of all device configuration changes.
  • Track asset movements.
  • Customize re-discovery schedules to capture device additions, deletions and changes.
  • End-to-end service discovery.

Benefits of the Discovery Process

  • Simplifies operation by automation of Fault and Performance.
  • Improvement of operational efficiency.
  • Rapid deployment time that allows for faster achievable SLAs & OLAs.
  • Building consistent on-boarding & configuration service templates.
  • Increased levels of service availability.
  • Building greater levels of correlation through best practice on-boarding techniques.
  • Reduces provisioning timescales through discovery automation and on-boarding.

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