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Infosim StableNet® All-In-One Unified Approach

Infosim's StableNet - All-In-One Unified Approach

StableNet® is an integrated, automated network management system allowing network administrators to finally manage their entire network - from traditional enpoints to lot sensors, NFV and SDN deployment - all within one pane of glass.

StableNet® is based on four key pillars : Consolidation, Automation, Scalability, Customization

A unified solution offers the network administration team the ability to:

  • Combine multiple vendor GUIs and agents into one console with a clear view of each interacting element in the network
  • Adapt quickly to scaling the network to accommodate the rapid (and sometimes unplanned) growth of the network through BYOD and IoT
  • Automate network admin tasks, saving time and money from repetitive manual scripting
  • Simplify hardware configurations which allows for set up and admin in less time
  • Allow for the segmentation of the network with careful consideration for individual user group requirements

Network managers will appreciate:

  • CAPEX/OPEX savings achieved in eliminating redundant consoles and software platform licensing costs
  • Simplified maintenance and support requirements, freeing the network team for more critical deployment and customer support
  • Elimination of the need for specialized one-purpose software platforms

Infosim's StableNet - All-In-One Unified Approach 100%

4 integrated functions that focus on:

Infosim's StableNet - All-In-One Unified Approach - Integrated Functions

Perfomance Management

StableNet® is designed to provide the network management team the ability to inspect, analyze and proactively act on issues that affect their network's performance.

  • Effective capacity planning
  • Individual device processing measurements
  • End user connecivity
  • Visualization and reporting on all aspects of your network's performance
  • Clarity to tune and adjust network dynamics
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Protection of your systmes and users from attacks on the network and applications
  • Keeping your network perfomance promises, e.g. SLAs
  • Allowing the management toeam to quickly see how the network is meeting the organization business goals

So network perfomance is no longer a question of merely network thoughput or congestion.

Key is the ability to act proactively and to do capacity planning effectively. This enables you to never be surprised again by unexpected network problems and to keep track of what is going on.

User Tech Level

  • Capture all KPIs gaps
  • End -2-End systems
  • Traffic monitoring and reducing attack surfaces
  • Real-time graphical visualization
  • Vendor-agnostic technology

Management Level

  • Better keeping of SLAs
  • Foresight acting
  • Costsavings through effective handling of data
  • Quick access to relevant data saving staff time & money

Fault Management

The real value of any high performance network management platform is to enable the network team to act quickly to observe and isolate faults within a network and manage resolving the issue quickly.

  • Continuously processing of the constant stream of network measurements
  • ONE concise view of the entire network perfomance in a clear, actionable visualization
  • Intelligent problem pre-analysis
  • Separating the critical potential issues from ordinary traffic interruptions
  • Identifying and classifying fault management priorities saving time, labor and possible countless business losses
  • Ability to isolate a critical problem within the console view and resolve it quickly
  • Business Impact Analysis allows for understanding how the problem affects your business

Offices of the CIO and CSO will also appreciate rapid fault isolation particularly as it applies to the integration of the netwrok support business process and a network's errors impact on security vulnerablility analysis and isolation.

Profit from fast troubleshooting and error handling which reduces mission-critical downtime of your network.

User Tech Level

  • Intelligent pre-analysis of problems
  • Distinction between important and unimportant
  • Auto-correlation of alarms and events
  • Root Cause Analysis allows to focus and prioritize alarms

Management Level

  • Quick time to resolution (MTTR)
  • Integration into business processes, e.g. ticket system
  • Measurablility of the effectiveness of troubleshooting

Configuration Management

Nothing causes the netwrok administration team more work and time than the "moves, adds, and changes" within a large network. A core tenet of the StableNet® design is to help an organization with Configuration Management:

  • Additions and changes within network devices, endpoints and policies
  • Automation of policy adherence, and rule enforcement
  • Backup and restore scheduling and administration
  • Vulnerablility identification and resolution
  • End-of-Life planning
  • Allows management to proactively plan and budget for strategic network addition and expansion

Configuration Management with StableNet® means reliable backup & restore as well as compliance with policies. Being able to identify and fix vulnerablilities, and pro-active EoX planning.

User Tech Level

  • Capturing of every configuration change (Who? What? Where? When?)
  • Complete configuration backup and restore
  • Proactive EoX planning and identification of vulnerabilities

Management Level

  • Enforcing of corporate policies
  • Elimination of risks associated with human error
  • ITIL compliance
  • Saving time and money through automation of complex tasks in templates

Discovery & Inventory

All network management platforms must start from a strong foundation of network discovery and device inventory capability.

  • Automatic, reliable inventory collection of any and all devices regardless of manufacturer or device type
  • Automated target comparison
  • Standardized data handling of measurements
  • Deep insights into even the most complex infrastuctures

From the traditional network endpoint, to NFV and SDN variations and all the way down to IoT endpoints, StableNet® will discover and allow for their inclusion in network analytics.

With StableNet® you profit from automatic, reliable inventory, acutal target comparison, and stardardized data handling.

User Tech Level

  • Technically complete coverage of systems
  • Overview of even very complex infrastructures
  • User-defined credentials-based auto discovery
  • Network topological and service schematics

Management Level

  • Actual target comarison
  • Business process optimization through better overview
  • Improvement of operational efficiency
  • Rapid deployment time that allows for faster achievable SLAs and OLAs

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