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Infosim StableNet®

Unified Network & Services Management

StableNet® is a third-generation highly automated network management system.

It provides Fault, Performance, Configuration, and Services Management on a single platform. We designed StableNet® to address the operational and technical challenges of managing distributed and mission-critical IT infrastructures.

Being a unified solution, built with one single, consistent code base, StableNet® is easy to integrate and provides high performance while keeping low hardware requisitions. We have proven this with a large number of installations in key industry sectors like energy, finance, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, and many more.

StableNet® is based on four key pillars: Consolidation, Automation, Scalability, and Customization

Consolidation - One Tool for Lots of Use Cases

StableNet® consolidates tools for easy management of network and services.

Automation - One Glance for Thousands of Tasks

StableNet® automates inconvenient manual task entry.

Scalability - One Spot for Millions of Devices

StableNet® scales your network in a cost-efficient way.

Customizability - One Tool for your Individual Needs

StableNet® can be customized to deal with all your specific needs.

Infosim StableNet - All-in-One Unified Approach
Infosim StableNet - Automation & Integration
Infosim Stablenet - Reporting and Visualization

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