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Inova Solutions- IP PoE Digital Clocks

Inova Network Time Displays use Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, to draw both power and time updates from a single Ethernet connection. IP clocks are energy-efficient and they eliminate the need for costly and cumbersome AC outlet installation. With Inova OnTime NTP PoE clocks, you'll never need to adjust for daylight saving time or replace batteries again

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Spectracom Display Clocks Spectracom time display solutions are ideal for displaying the correct time within your facilities. Accurate time is an integral part of your facilities communication system.  Spectracom has three types of timing system. A wireless system using 900 MHZ, where every clock acts as a repeater forming a wireless mesh. Spectracom POE clocks, which synchronize directly to the network using NTP time. TimeView clocks synchronize by 2-wire RS-485 to a Spectracom time server.
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Spectracom WiSync Wireless Clock Display Spectracom WiSync IP Clock Spectracom TimeView Synchronized Display Clocks

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Sapling provides a wide range of master clocks and synchronized clock systems, which include Wireless Clocks, IP Clocks, Wired Clocks, and our TalkBack Wireless Clock System.

Sapling offers school clocks, hospital clocks, elapsed timers, and clock systems for manufacturing plants, business complexes, transportation facilities, hotels and many other industries. Sapling also offers a time zone clock that can be powered via PoE, 24V, 115VAC, or 230VAC.


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 Sapling's Wireless Clock System  Sapling's IP PoE Clocks System  Sapling Time Zone Clocks


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