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Ixia's Network
Visibility Solutions

Ixia's Anue Net Tool Optimizer® (NTO) portfolio of network visibility solutions will revolutionize the way you monitor your network. The Ixia Anue portfolio of network monitoring switches, also known as network packet brokers, provides complete visibility into physical and virtual networks, improves network security and optimizes monitoring tool performance.

The Ixia NTO solutions provide complete visibility by intelligently connecting your data center or service provider network with monitoring tools to aggregate, filter, load balance and de-duplicate network traffic. Unlike other network packet brokers, the Ixia Anue network visibility products' patented filtering and de-duplication technology ensures each monitoring tool gets exactly the right data needed for analysis and it's powered by the easiest to use, drag-and-drop management interface in the industry. This improves the way you manage delivery of application services to your end users, saves valuable IT time and maximizes return on investment.

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NTO 2112/2113

Full-featured monitoring for small-to-medium environments

Ixia Anue NTO-7300

NTO 7300 Family

7U scalable network visibility chassis


Application and Threat Intelligence Processor

Better data for better decisions


NTO 6212

High Density 10GE Network Monitoring Switch for Major Data Centers


ControlTower Member NTO 5268

High-density 1GE/10GE/40GE network monitoring switch



ControlTower Supervisor NTO 5260

Centralized ControlTower management solution

prod-control-tower-5263-th 2

ControlTower Member NTO 5263

NEBS Level 3-compliant 40GE/10GE/1GE network monitoring switch


Advanced Feature Module (AFM)

The Ixia NTO family of Advanced Feature Modules (AFM) helps network engineers to improve monitoring tool performance by optimizing the monitored network traffic to include only the essential information needed for analysis.


NTO 5293

Carrier-grade high-density network monitoring switch


Ixia Anue NTO 5288 10/40/100GE

NTO 5288

High-density 10G/40G/100G network monitoring switch


Ixia Anue NTO 5273 1/10GE Carrier

NTO 5273

High-availability, carrier-class network monitoring switch


Ixia Anue NTO 5236 1/10 GE Carrier

NTO 5236

High-performance, high density 1GbE and 10GbE fiber visibility

Ixia Anue 5204 1GE with 4x10 GE

NTO 5204

1Gbps network monitoring switch


Ixia Anue Control Tower Network Visibility Architecture

ControlTower Network Visibility Architecture

Ixia ControlTower™is an advanced network visibility resource for centralized, intelligent monitoring.


NTO Global Management Systems

Net Tool Optimizer® (NTO) customers that have deployed multiple NTOs in large-scale distributed networks can now securely discover, manage, and proactively monitor their global NTO environments from a single pane of glass.

Ixia Anue GTP Session Controller

GTP Session Controller

The Ixia GTP Session Controller 7433 helps mobile carriers optimize the performance of vital network monitoring solutions as data traffic and session counts increase. The GSC 7433 provides intelligent traffic distribution with the ability to detect faulty or overloaded monitoring probes and redistribute the load to other probes in the cluster.


Ixia Anue NTO 100GbE v3.8 Module

NTO 100 GE Module

  • NTO 100 GE Module
  • Greater monitoring scalability
  • Improved forensic analysis
  • Flexible port tagging
  • Precision time stamping