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Virtual Customer 101


Virtual Customer 101- The intelligence you need to meet your customer service experience objectives

Is Your Customer Experience Delivering On Your Brand Promise?

In today's competitive world, the best possible customer service is crucial to supporting your brand promise and optimizing your success. IQ Services now has a process for evaluating your customer service experience. Meet Virtual Customer® 101, your invisible customer who can experience your customer service experience first hand and give feedback on how your customer service really stacks up. The Virtual Customer® 101 process is simple:

Step 1:

Communications Intelligence Assessment® (CIA)

This is the discovery process that initiates your Virtual Customer.

Step 2:

Create Your Customized Virtual Customer
Your customized Virtual Customers are created by defining how they will interact with your employees, your processes/applications and the technology you have in place within your contact center. For instance, if your contact center is more "people" centric, your Virtual Customer&Reg; will be more of a people person as well.

Step 3:

Bring the Virtual Customer® to Life
Once we've defined who your Virtual Customers are, and how they will interact with your contact center, it's time to deploy them. The Virtual Customer's only mission in life is to provide your organization with an objective report. They have no agenda or axe to grind.

Step 4:

Delivery of the Evaluation Report
A final report is developed which provides in-depth details as to what the Virtual Customers experienced while interacting with your contact center. These reports provide valuable information in regards to how your center is performing. These reports will help you chart future improvements, correct problems and deliver on your brand promise.

Virtual Customer® 101 is the next step in proving contact center efficacy. It's going beyond the hardware and into the experience. Now we can tell you what your customer service experience is like for customers who interact with your organization.

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