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NetOptics is a global manufacturer of best-in-class data monitoring devices to tap, aggregate, regenerate, switch and filter high-density network traffic.


pdf Achieving Total Traffic Visibility in Enterprise and Carrier Grade Optical Networks

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Net Optics Achieving Total Traffic VisibilityData Access and Reliability In Modern Optical Networks

Network Service Providers (NSPs) and other service sectors own the daunting task of transporting ever-growing quantities of data to and from billions of customers with the highest data integrity possible. To be certain of that integrity, the providers must constantly monitor the traffic to ensure application performance, user satisfaction, and service level agreements.

In performing this job, the data centers need tools that enable total traffic visibility to analyze the quality of the data and at the same time preserve the integrity of the network. It is critical to use the right tools and technology for providing total traffic visibility, because if access and monitoring solutions introduce problems, the “cure” can be worse than the disease.

Today using the right solution is more important than ever because network speeds and traffic volumes are increasing, while many new applications and services are also being introduced. As a result, Service Providers (and Enterprises) must deploy many tools to monitor the performance of many aspects of their networks and services. To accomplish this, they must deploy very reliable, high-quality access Taps, or other high-quality access equipment that can handle modern network speeds with no impact on data integrity.

The professionals that manage high-speed networks, complex applications and digital services face new challenges on a daily basis. New customers or applications both mean more traffic. More traffic translates to more monitoring, more management and more equipment. But, without the right technology and equipment, more access, can bring about more network errors, and a loss of data integrity.

pdf Best Practices- In-Line Tapping

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Net Optics - Best Practices Guide In-Line TappingThis guide has recommendations of best practices for using in-line taps to provide monitoring access in a network. These practices represent the accumulated wisdom acquired by Net Optics engineers and customer service personnel working for 12 years with more than 5,000 customers in all industries. Following the best practices presented here will enable you to get maximum value from your monitoring solutions and keep your network running smoothly.

pdf Best Practices- Monitoring Access Platform

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Net Optics - Best Practices Guide Monitoring Access PlatformThis guide has recommendations of best practices for designing a Monitoring Access Platform (MAP) into your network before problems occur. Permanent monitoring access points designed into the network architecture increase network security and uptime because they provide the flexibility to attach and remove needed monitoring tools at any time, without disrupting traffic or entailing network reconfiguration.

pdf Command Your Data Centre

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Net Optics Command Your Data CentreHow to Thrive In the Changing Landscape

The demands to virtualize, scale, and implement new applications while conducting security, forensics, compliance and performance monitoring activities are adding to the list of hurdles facing IT teams. These network visibility best practices provide insights into the solutions needed to manage and optimize network monitoring to solve many of these challenges.

pdf Fail-Safe IPS Integration with Bypass Technology

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Threats that require the installation, redeployment or upgrade of in-Line IPS appliances often affect uptime on business critical links. Organizations are demanding solutions that prevent disruptive outages and provide an efficient return on investment for their IPS resources.

pdf Fortifying Network Security with a Defense In Depth Strategy

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Net Optics Fortifying Network SecurityFortifying Network Security with a Defense In Depth Strategy

To battle today’s sophisticated threats, organizations need the ability to deliver Defense In Depth—a layering of strategies and solutions that collectively protect against malicious attacks. Security-Centric SDN (Software Defined Networking), using multiple inline products, is the most effective approach to delivering that Defense In Depth protection. Point security solutions, although growing in effectiveness, are incapable of consistently, reliably thwarting intrusion and preventing the compromise of network security. That failure lays the network open to attack, with consequences spanning public endangerment, loss of personal and corporate assets, disruption of the social contract and deteriorating public confidence.

pdf Inside the Outbreaks

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Net Optics Inside the OutbreakProtecting the network demands robust monitoring that is actually built into the network architecture. Ongoing network vulnerability invites attack and intrusion, putting data at constant risk, wasting resources and endangering the social fabric. Shocking revelations of governmental spying on private citizens and businesses open yet another front in the fight for data integrity. The overriding truth is that the technology for stealing data and eavesdropping is not only bounding ahead—it is already so widespread and available that practically anyone can obtain and use it.

pdf Kapersky - Coping in the Chaos

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Coping in the-ChaosKapersky - Coping in the Chaos

A global report into business attitudes and opinions on IT security.

The number, complexity and diversity of cyber threats is soaring. Businesses are increasingly concerned about the risks they face and 91% of organisations have directly experienced at least one cyber threat in the past year. Yet despite evidence of the dangers, Kaspersky Lab’s 2012 Global IT Risks Survey reveals an increasingly chaotic security landscape – where over 40% of businesses feel underprepared for the threats around them.

pdf Net Optics Datasheet - 10 GigaBit Fiber Taps Popular

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Net Optics Datasheet - 10 GigaBit Fiber Taps

pdf Net Optics Datasheet - 10 GigaBit iBypass Switch Popular

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Net Optics Datasheet - 10 GigaBit iBypass Switch

pdf Net Optics Datasheet - 10/100BaseT Port Aggregator Popular

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The Datasheet for the Net Optics 10/100BaseT Port Aggregator Tap

pdf Net Optics Datasheet - 10/100BaseT Tap Popular

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Net Optics Datasheet - 10/100BaseT Tap

pdf Net Optics Datasheet - 12 Station 10/100BaseT Tap Popular

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Net Optics Datasheet - 12 Station 10/100BaseT Tap

pdf Net Optics Datasheet - appTap Availability and Performance Management Popular

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Net Optics Datasheet - appTap Availability and Performance Management

pdf Net Optics Datasheet - Fiber Mode Converters Popular

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Net Optics Datasheet - Fiber Mode Converters

pdf Net Optics Datasheet - Flex Tap Popular

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Net Optics Datasheet - Flex Tap

pdf Net Optics Datasheet - Flex Tap MTP Popular

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Net Optics Datasheet - Flex Tap MTP

pdf Net Optics Datasheet - GigaBit Fiber Tap HD8 Popular

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Net Optics Datasheet - GigaBit Fiber Tap HD8

pdf Net Optics Datasheet - GigaBit Fiber Taps Popular

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Net Optics Datasheet - GigaBit Fiber Taps

pdf Net Optics Datasheet - GigaBit Port Aggregator Tap with SFP Monitor Ports Popular

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Net Optics Datasheet - GigaBit Port Aggregator Tap with SFP Monitor Ports

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