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Emulate and Analyze Real Time IP Traffic in the Cloud

Service Providers and network equipment manufacturers now have the ability to emulate and analyse real time IP traffic in cloud environments for multiple hypervisors right down to each individual application flow.   With the migration from dedicated network boxes to flexible, fluid cloud environments you require a test capability that can work with dedicated environments or can operate in the new virtualized or cloud environment. 

To test a cloud environment you need a completely virtualized test system to test opensource hypervisors as well as fully support vendor hypervisors. Shenick diversifEyeVM (Virtual Machine) can emulate and test a  Shenick Virtual Infrastructure Test & Measurement Solutions with multi-hypervisors, giving test analysis right down to each application so that virtualized networks run smoothly especially in extreme situations.

You now have more flexibility, scaling capabilities, easier software migration to virtual machine-based test and the ability to pin-point errors across layer 2-7 on a highly granular basis.    We can provide  powerful per-flow emulation and real-time analysis in VM-to-VM scenarios, and hybrid external-to-vm applications.diversifEye VM offers many advantages to the market:

  • Works with multi-hypervisors.
  • Offers no loss of functionality in combining real and VM test blades
  • Ensures the flexibility to add as many VM and virtual interfaces (VI) as required
  • Multiple VI per virtual test blades
  • Provides an easy, software-based migration path to an all-virtualized diversifEyeVM
  • Offers a vast range of application tests covering security, voice, video and data applications, as well as secure VPN offload/tunnel, address spoofing verification, DDoS attack mitigation test etc.

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