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Testing Multi-Channel Contact Center Solutions from the Customer Perspective

IQ Services Testing Multi-Channel Contact Center SystemsAs we’ve all heard, the emergence of IP telephony and unified communications has caused many IT, contact center and telephony departments to rethink their departmental and operational approaches to maintaining complex communication solutions. During this transitional period from TDM to VoIP and from Telecom to IT management, it is critical that all managers have easy access to end-to-end performance information for voice, online and data solutions. Proactive multi-channel testing and monitoring of contact center and communication solutions is essential to improving performance and customer experience. Because these solutions rely on many of the same backend devices, session attendees will learn how regular testing and 24 x 7 monitoring of voice and online solutions is critical for understanding total solution performance and for identifying problems and areas for improvement in the most timely fashion possible. 

What you will learn from this video

  • How proactive solution testing and monitoring can improve ROI and customer satisfaction
  • Why the outside-in, end-to-end, customer perspective is so critical to helping the business and IT get on and stay on the same page
  • How to determine if channels impact each other 

Video Length - 1 Hour

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