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New Software Update for Spectracom NTP Time Servers

Spectracom has released version 3.4.8 software for the model 9200 and 9300 series of NetClocks and Ethernet Time Servers.  Two of the more prevalent changes incorporated in the version 3.4.8 software update are faster NTP synchronization after each reboot and improved operation when syncing the NTP server to other NTP servers on the same network (instead of syncing it to other references, such as GPS, IRIG or ASCII RS-485 data) – making the NTP server a dedicated Stratum 2 NTP time server.
Spectracom Release Notes Software Release 3.4.8 which discusses release 3.4.8 and as well as previous software version updates.

You can download version 3.4.8 software update directly from the Spectracom website and applied in the field. To obtain the version 3.4.8 software update, please visit us at:

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