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Why so much Hype about Application Performance Management

End to End transaction is the new gold standard out there, replacing legacy “infrastructure/resource” monitoring.   The application monitoring market is currently growing at about 15% vs. the overall IT market at 3.7%.  So what is driving all this growth!!!

  • Virtualization – how do you gain visibility into how virtualized applications are performing
  • Application Acceleration – maximizing your ROI by identifying the best site for application acceleration and maintain visibility after deployment
  • Growing Application Complexity
  • Technology diversification and migration (.net, Java)
  • Rise in service orientated Architecture
  • Use of rich and highly interactive applications  (eg Web 2.0)
  • High Frequency of change in applications environment (revisions, infrastructure, new apps)
  • Explosion in mission Critical Applications and Transaction flow
  • Business model dependence on customer facing web applications
  • Required visibility into application business metrics
  • Increasing scale of applications delivery platforms

All these factors are making it harder to determine overall performance, and have created barriers to visibility.  So for today’s mission critical applications you need to understand what your current baselines are for each application, increase your visibility into the actual end to end transaction performance, and determine what components are causing the anomalies in application performance.

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