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Cicso Chooses Net Optics to Validate MACsec Protection of Traffic in the LAN

Ultra Visibility for Cisco Networks

Cisco is using Net Optics' capabilities to make a powerful point at its Cisco Live exhibit Last week: no network is safe without MACsec. Now audiences can see in real time just how MACsec encryption works to protect data iintegrity in the LAN. Without MACsec, traffic types and protocols are exposed and unprotected. But with MACsec encryption, traffic types and protocols are hidden, shielding the network from intrusion and compromise.

Reliable performance in front of thousands of attendees 

In the demo, the HD8 Fiber Taps passively gather information on data running between Cisco switches and send the information to Director xStream Pro, whose advanced packet capture lets it collect and display traffic clearly in its user interface.
Viewers instantly see that traffic protected by MACsec is safely encrypted—but traffic from the switch lacking MACsec clearly reveals its types and protocols—a serious vulnerability. The ability of Net Optics products to integrate smoothly with Cisco switches and work reliably before thousands of attendees demonstrates Director xStream Pro's reliable, real-time traffic visibility for compliance validation and reporting capabilities.

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