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Net Optics Director Xstream Overview

Director Xstream

Two Trends face IT Professionals Face as they Continue to Grow Their Network

  1. 10Gig Migration
  2. Network Convergence

Challenges you Face Migrating to a 10Gig Network

  1. How do you see all the traffic flowing throughout the entire network
  2. Your ability to leverage your current network monitoring tools
  3. Performance - how do you support the network without distributing the network

To meet these demands you can replace you existing tools or aggregate, filter and load balance your traffic to the tools with Director Xstream

  • Director Xstream has 24 10Gig ports so that you can pre-filter the traffic you need and direct the traffic you need to your 1Gig monitoring tools
  • Director Xstream also comes with Low Latency Cut through technology, which supplies very low latency on all packet sizes or traffic type.
    Each Port also has concurrent port duplexing, meaning that each port can handle 10Gig in and 10Gig out for a total of 20Gig.

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