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Director 5.0 Delivers New Ways to Instrument Smarter and Simpler

Upgrade Net Optics Director now to Streamline Your Key Tasks

Discover Director 5.0! We've upgraded to deliver intelligent new management and filtering capabilities—plus even more convenience features. We've also made it easier than ever to put Director 5.0 to work. Visit the Customer Portal now, and start gaining the benefits of these substantial improvements for your network.

Smart Filtering Features Drive Efficiency Gains

Net Optics Director 5.0
New! Filter Tagging identifies input streams in aggregated traffic:
  • The filter through which the packet was directed
  • Which ports the packets arrive from (including packets arriving from ports across the daisy chain)
Net Optics Director 5.0
Enhanced User Defined Filter (UDF) adds flexibility and grows your options:
  • Support advanced filter options using four 4-byte offsets and four
  • DF values
  • Combine UDF with IPv4 and L2 filter qualifiers
  • Combine UDF with Deep Packet Inspection for seamless options
  • Filter with multiple MPLS labels
  • Filter with Cisco VN tag
  • Load-balance RTP traffic
  • Filter on HTTP header

Streamlined Enterprise Management Expands Your Reach

Net Optics Director 5.0
New! Syslog Capabilities
  • Granular syslog messaging
  • Send syslog messages to  multiple servers
  • Set individual message level for each server
Net Optics Director 5.0
Improved SNMP Support
  • Support for filter tagging, enhanced user defined filters, system shutdown and increased port counter size (64 bit)

Many New Ways to Say “Easy to Use”

Net Optics Director 5.0
Streamlined Daisy Chain Management
  • Save time, reduce error with one-touch upgrade for all nodes
  • Revision control: Smooth and stabilize upgrades with reboot, image swap
  • Easily synchronize system clock, set date and time on all nodes
  • Self-provisioning: Users change their own passwords
Net Optics Director 5.0
Simplified—yet powerful—Web GUI
Log configuration and management
  • Configure/Display/Export/Clear log
  • Configuration file management:
  • Export/Import/Load config file
  • Security enhancements:
  • Manage Web RSA key, certificate, CSR and SSH key information
  • Support for Syslog
  • Set system IP address using DHCP
  • Support for Ping : Test reachability of a host on the network


The enhanced functionality and quality engineering of Director 5.0 result from our deep commitment to listen to our customers and fulfill their needs in all aspects of our solutions. At Net Optics, we put customers first and welcome your feedback at all times. Director software version 5.0 upgrade required. Version 5.0 supports Director models DIR-3400, DIR-5400, and DIR-7400 and Director Pro models DIR-3400P and Dir-6400P.
Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 800-561-4019 to ask about your upgrade

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