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Leveraging vSphere 5.0 for Optimal Visibility and Efficiency

Leveraging vSpjhere 5.0 for Optimal Visibility and EfficiencyThis eBook written by Net Optics CEO and President, Bob Shaw takes a penetrating look at VMware’s latest solution, Leveraging vSphere 5.0 for Optimal Visibility and Efficiency. In Shaw’s analysis, vSphere 5.0 is a major advance, but using its Span (port mirroring) function adds complexity, reduces throughput and raises cost—compared to the simplicity and security of letting the versatile Phantom™ Virtual Tap speed traffic to the right monitoring tools. Bob’s eBook of smart strategies is available today from here. Take a moment to learn how the Phantom Virtual Tap lowers your costs and helps you get better visibility with vSphere 5.0

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