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Telnet Network News - We'll keep you up to date with what's happening in the industry.

Spectracom Product Software Notification

Telnet Networks is pleased to notify you of the availability of a new version of software for Spectracom's SecureSync and NetClock 9400 series synchronization systems.  Download the V5.7.1 release below featuring: ​ The Talen-X BroadShield feature requiring license SS-OPT-BSH. This optional functionality offers spoofing and jamming protection ...
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Orolia improves Spectracom SecureSync GPS threat mitigation through partnership with Talen-X

 Orolia announces integration of its Spectracom SecureSync with Talen-X's BroadShield Interference and Spoofing Detection technology. Through the strategic partnership with Talen-X, Orolia is now able to provide improved protection against emerging GPS threats in their Spectracom brand of products, including the SecureSync precision time and f...
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