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Telnet Network News - We'll keep you up to date with what's happening in the industry.

Infosim: Go with the flow – choose the right tool though!

NetFlow is a handy tool in the daily work of Network Admins and Analysts. It can be used to measure traffic in networks from an End-to-End perspective, and allows the filtering by several types of data: ​ Time  Source/destination IP  Source/destination port numbers (at least for UDP and TCP)  Ingress interface SNMP ifIndex TOS inform...
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5 "Hidden Gem" NetFlow Reports to Discover Suspicious Behavior Webinar

Please join John Olson, NetFlow Auditor, for their latest webinar  of  Five 'Hidden Gem' NetFlow Reports to Discover Suspicious Behavior  The true value in any NetFlow solution is its capacity to provide granular, accurate, data-driven network intelligence at the click of a mouse.  NetFlow Auditor provides hundreds of pre-built ...
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Best Practices for using NetFlow for Network Forensics Webinar 2

Join us for the latest NetFlow Best Practices Webinar. In this Webinar, we will discuss Best Practices for using NetFlow for Network Forensics.  In this webinar, Netflow Auditor will discuss the following: ​ How to know where your network is compromised? How to achieve pervasive monitoring with sufficient forensics to comply How does...
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